Breakfast is such an important part of the day, and with a little bit of prep the night before, even just five minutes, these breakfasts can be ready and waiting for you in the fridge so you can simply grab them as you go out the door!

This is a little round up of some of my favourite weekday breakfasts. I’ve been super busy on the weekends and after work for the last week so I haven’t got any tried and tested new recipes to post! However, as it is a ridiculously busy time of the year I am relying more and more on these kind of simple ready to eat breakfasts to make mornings a breeze when I have almost no time to prep the night before. Which for the last two weeks has felt like most nights eek.

I’ve included sweet and savoury options but all the sweet options are free from any added sugar. I like to think of these recipes as a jumping off point, to which you can put your twists and make them your own. If you create any please post a photo on insta and tag me @thehealthyhunter, I love seeing the delicious things you all make!

Coconut Chia Pudding add some cinnamon and allspice to this one and serve with raspberries, cherries and strawberries for a festive treat as pictured above

Overnight Oats

Breakfast Salad

Super Berry Pudding

Enjoy lovely people – and enjoy the holiday season that seems to be approaching ridiculously quickly!

HH. x

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