7 Christmas Party Worthy Desserts That Are Also Good For You

I totally get that Christmas is a time of indulgence for all of us and I am by no means suggesting you overhaul your whole Christmas tradition and make it a ‘healthy’ Christmas because Christmas isn’t unhealthy, it’s a time to celebrate with your loved ones and share traditions, gifts and food. It’s not a time to be worrying about calories. Then again I don’t think any day is a day to worry about calories! That said, you can include a few things that are a little lighter to mix things up, lighter but still super delicious and this little collection ticks those boxes big time. From gluten free, to dairy free, to just wholesome there’s something for everyone,

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   Who doesn’t love a good sausage roll? We do these so well in Australia and I’ve been branching out occasionally recently and doing something I never thought I would. Eating vego sausage rolls. Sorry, ‘sausage’ rolls. I’m still calling them that as they’re the right shape and the same idea but just filled with veggies! Super nourishing and filling and all encased in flaky puff pastry.

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I have a problem. I really like baked goods. Especially in the afternoon, anything sweet really, although fruit just hasn’t been cutting it lately. I need more. But when I eat too much processed food and sugar I sleep really badly; then I’m tired; and then I want more sugar in the afternoon to stay awake. It’s a sugary, circular battlefield. To solve this ‘problem’ (really I’m using that term in a pretty fast and loose way – my problem is on the pathetic side!) I’m trying to find low fructose, whole food solutions that are free of refined sugar to stop this cruel circle. Saving lives over here, solving world problems and the like haha.

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Avocado. Maybe the most posted food item on my Instagram feed. Thus I figured it was time to have a post dedicated to one of my favourite breakfast sides, this tangy fresh and delicious avocado and feta mash. I almost wasn’t going to bother as it’s so simple but it’s so good so here we are. It’s great just with crackers or as part of a big shared brunch spread or just smeared on to your toast… maybe with an egg on top! If you’re not a coriander fan you could replace with either basil, mint or flat leaf parsley. The lemon can be replaced with lime and sometimes i put a clove of garlic or a pinch of paprika or cumin in to change the flavour profile depending on what I’m serving it with. But this is the basic recipe. This makes enough for 4-6 pieces of toasts depending on how generous you’re feeling!

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This recipe combines three ingredients that I find very addictive. And adds a bit of salt to them, so you know all self control is out the window. Maple. Chilli. Roasted Nuts. They are sweet, spicy, salty and ridiculous. My boyfriend has also humbly pointed out that he made a chilli and honey peanut version of these a while back so I am stealing his ideas. My dad all makes maple glazed pecans all the time so I guess I amalgamated both their recipes and made it mine, mine, mine. Haha happy holidays and all that stuff – get roasting!

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