Dark Chocolate and Chia Nice Cream Popsicle (Vegan)

These are so simple I’m almost embarrassed to post the recipe. Minimal ingredients but maximum flavour and the perfect thing on hot summer days or to grab for a light and yummy dessert.

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5 Treats to Cool You Down on a Hot Day

This week has been HOT and I am loving it… mostly! I’m also kind of dying by the time I walk home from work in the afternoon and in need of something super refreshing. So this week instead of new recipes (because to be honest I’ve had so little time in the last fortnight I haven’t been able to do the final test on anything) I’ve put a joyful little list together for my fellow down under peeps. All the healthier treats to stock your freezer with, or make in mere moments on a hot day. Yay!

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Chocolate, Salted Caramel and roast Almond Icecream      This ice cream is super delicious and full of things that are good for you. It’s basically a dessert that you can feel good about, plus it’s gluten and dairy free and only sweetened with the maple syrup in that tahini caramel. Oh let’s talk about the caramel.

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