Bacon and Broad Bean Fried Rice

I love fried rice. I bonded with one of my dearest friends over fried rice. The first time we met was at a bar: I walked up to her and re-braided her hair, she was my boyfriend-at-the-time’s friend and earlier in the evening I had instructed him – at his request – on how to plait a fish tail braid over the phone. When I got there I was like, ‘nope’, and immediately fixed it. Later on that evening we ended up at China Bar eating their amazing fried rice and had a love-in over how much we both loved said fried rice. And dumplings, we’re also big fans of dumplings.

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Cauliflower fried rice with garlicky greens 4Cauliflower has got to be the most amazingly versatile vegetable ever. Well one of them, I hate to play favourites. It makes an amazing bechamel, ridiculously creamy soup, a fried chicken substitute, and a great addition to salads. And this time it makes rice.

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