Carrot Cake Chia Pudding

How great is carrot cake? And how good is chia pudding? Why haven’t I tried to combine the two before? I mean, it’s also a brilliant way of including an extra serve of vegetables at breakfast. Plus it’s filled with warm spices and makes your kitchen smell amazing.

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 Coconut, lime and passionfruit. Sounds like an excellent cocktail right? Also makes for a delightful chia pudding. This one is a nice change from whatever your usual mix is and it makes you instantly go.. ahh summer!

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Nutritious, pretty and yummy breakfasts like this don’t need to be time consuming. I love a breakfast that I can prepare before going to bed and then have it ready to go in the morning when time is more important to me. I want to be the kind of person that can get up really early and exercise, make a delicious breakfast and get to work in time… but I’m not! I find getting up earlier than I have to really hard and my mornings always feel really busy. I tend to eat breakfast at work, so grab and go breakfasts like this are an excellent option.


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