Meal Plans Week 44

As we gear up for silly season and life gets super busy I’m trying my best to keep my diet full of healthy goodness to balance things out. This week I’m leaning towards beautiful salad bowls, vegetable laden curries and clever dishes to use up leftovers.

I’ve started planning the Christmas menu for our Ladies Lunch Christmas dinner next month. My beautiful friend Alex and I will be cooking a feast for a special group of friends. We’ve known each other for years and have semi regular (we’ve been useless this year!) ‘Ladies Lunches’ and other things but our bonds were really cemented when we completed the Oxfam Trailwalker 3 years ago. There’s nothing like walking 100kms together to tie you to each other for life haha. I’ll do a special post about that menu in December because it will be delicious!

I also can’t wait to share Christmas Baking Recipes with you all in the next few weeks and other yummy Christmas menu ideas to add a healthy spin to your Christmas table. I know Christmas is a time of indulgence for most of us but that doesn’t mean that we can’t have some yummy, colourful and slightly lighter dishes in there too. Especially here in Australia where the weather is often so warm Christmas you don’t want to be eating really heavy things anyway.

But back to this weeks meal plans: the dishes earlier in the week make great lunches. The curry you can also freeze so you’ve got some emergency lunches and dinners in the future. If you’re anything like me the next month will start to get quite busy even on week nights so it’s good to have some healthy last minute options in the freezer. Enjoy!

As per usual we have an ‘eat anything’ Plan A menu and a vegetarian Plan B menu. Take your pick… mic and match… make them yours!

Plan A

Day 1: Kung Pao Mushroom Noodles. Get the week off to a spicy start!

Day 2: Green Chicken Pesto Salad Bowls, this is such a great meal to make for work lunches too.

Day 3: Vegetarian Tikka Masala one of the most popular recipes on the blog because it’s easy AND delicious. Make extra rice to use for fried rice later in the week.

Day 4:  Matcha Rice Bowls with Steamed Salmon and Pickled Ginger Salad. So fresh and yummy!

Day 5: Bacon and Broad Bean Fried Rice, the most delicious way to end the week.

Plan B

Day 1: Vegetarian Tikka Masala one of the most popular recipes on the blog, and you can have the leftovers for lunch for the week!

Day 2: Roasted Radish, Avocado and Chickpea Salad. Serve with a poached egg and sourdough for a super filling supper.

Day 3: Kung Pao Mushroom Noodles. Take out at home but better for you.

Day 4: Vegetarian Burrito Bowl with Haloumi. There’s a few different components to this one but there’s also haloumi to make up for that!

Day 5: Capsicum, Baby Kale and Fried Caper Linguini. Follow the tips and leave the anchovies out of this one if you’re an actual vegetarian rather than a part-time flexible one like me;)

It’s Sunday, treat yourself to some savoury waffles for brunch… Potato Waffles with Pea Puree and Horseradish yoghurt.

Have a ridiculously wonderful week lovely humans.

HH. x

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