Meal Plans Week 34

Today is the last day of the gut makeover! 4 weeks of no caffeine, grains, legumes, dairy, alcohol and sugar done and dusted! This weeks Plan A will still reflect how I’ve been eating for the last week and Plan B will be the usual vegetarian plan. I’m also going to reflect a little on how I’ve found this whole gut make over thing.

Before I do that let’s revisit why I decided to do it: mostly curiosity and I was sick of having low energy levels, really bad dips in energy in the afternoon, poor sleep and anxiety upon waking. I’d basically been feeling a little rubbish despite leading a mostly healthy life style so I though it was time to do a reset. Losing a couple of kilos (winter layer;)) would have also been welcome but weight loss wasn’t a goal.

And the results: my energy levels are way better, I don’t get hangry and I don’t have an afternoon energy dip. I’ve had more energy t get things done after work so I’ve also been going to be later. I’ve been sleeping a bit better, waking less during the night. In terms of anxiety there’s been a decrease which is amazing considering the last couple of weeks have been full of stressors (looking for a new rental and housemate and starting a new role at work). I’ve also lost 3.7 kilos (8 pounds) across the 5 weeks (I gave up alcohol, caffeine and cut back on sugar and snacking in the week prior to starting) which is surprising considering I wasn’t thinking about portions, fat or calories in any way, Ither than eating enough to keep me full (a constant struggle haha). The numbers were 64.5kg to 61kg and I’m 172cm tall for those who like to crunch the numbers;) I didn’t have a single fructose relation during the program, not even a little bit.

How did I find doing it? Challenging at times, especially when eating out in the first two weeks when butter wasn’t allowed! I also found that I got hungry around 4.30 each day despite a generous lunch. No grains and limited dairy intake have probably been the two hardest things for me. Making caramel slice last week was also a crazy hard challenge… not licking the bowl or spoon after baking sucks!

What did I learn? I don’t need to be having as many grains in my diet. I love eating a wide variety of vegetables and it served as a great reminder to think about the serves of vegetables I’m getting in each meal before anything else. Something that I’d got a little slack about. It’s basically been a really good reset to be more aware of what I’m putting in my body and what my body responds well to.

What will I be reintroducing first? Well I had a little hummus yesterday so probably legumes. And then grains and cheese. I’ve been craving parmesan, haloumi and feta so you’ll be seeing those on my plate oh so soon. Along with a pasta recipe in the next two weeks that’s for sure! Not eating processed food wasn’t too hard for me as I realised I very rarely eat it anyway. I think crackers are probably the only ‘processed’ item I’ll be reintroducing.

This weeks plans are full of comforting and delicious foods. It’s the stuff that got me through the last week of this plan… enjoy!


Day 1: Slow roasted Pumpkin with blue cheese ranch dressing with slaw and a soft boiled egg: that ranch is so good you’ll be seeing it in a recipe in the coming week too.

Day 2: Bolognese and Zucchini Pappardelle  – I left the parmesan out which made me want to cry but thems the breaks.

Day 3: Fish Saag with all the extra green things, this would be amazing with naan!

Day 4: Autumn Chicken Tagine, it might not be autumn but this tagine doesn’t care. Serve with a side of greens.

Day 5: Spiced Pumpkin and Sweet Potato Soup: Full of vegetables and super warming.



Day 1: Cauliflower soup with parmesan crisps: the best!

Day 2: Roasted Pumpkin with blue cheese ranch dressing with slaw and a soft boiled egg: that ranch is so good you’ll be seeing it in a recipe in the coming week too.


Day 3: Tofu and Kale creamy korma curry: this curry is so yum, I’ve been super into cashews lately!

Day 4: Pasta with Crushed Pea and Basil Pesto: living pasta dreams vicariously through you all.

Day 5: Grilled Eggplant Salad with Quinoa, Zucchini and a Tahini Dressing: a great way to round out your week, loads of different textures and veggies in this one.

I’ve been loving chia pudding for breakfast this week and this medley with vanilla coconut chia pudding, carrot cake chia pudding and topped with simple green smoothie is the business.

HH. x

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