These dishes are all ready to go meals in one pan. This means, less fussing, less active cooking time and less cleaning up afterwards for you. Life just got simple.


Well, kitchen life anyway. All of these dishes can stand alone with nothing else added. You could easily add a side salad, steamed greens, rice or flat bread to options 1, 4 and 5 but it’s not a necessity!

They take from 15 minutes to 1.5 hrs to make but the longer ones mostly involving you walking away from the kitchen and letting the oven do its thing. You’re not actually making dinner for that whole time because I do realise that not everyone wants to spend that kind of time in the kitchen after work. I don’t even want to do that, and it’s my happy place.


1. Chicken thighs with tomato, chickpeas and mozzarella. Who doesn’t lovely stretchy cheese baked into a tomato sauce?! Want to make this go further, Added a handful of baby spinach to your plate and some couscous. Still minimum fuss!

2. Fragrant Coconut Poached Salmon with red lentils. This one is so gently cooked and comes together on the stove top super fast, perfect as a stand alone meal, no need to add a thing.

3. Baked Za’atar Spiced chicken with lentils and sweet potato. Cooking the lentils and chicken together gives so much more flavour.

4. Prawns and chickpeas with paprika and saffron. This is perfect with some crusty sourdough to mop up the juices.

5. Sweet potato and peanut curry. Can be eaten by itself or with some rice or flat bread to soak up the flavour, seriously easy and cheap to make.

6. Garam Masala Chicken tray bake. Everything is in the tray. Enjoy.

7. One pot chicken noodle soup. This one only takes 15 minutes and is full of flavour. It’s miracle soup.

HH. x

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