This week has been a fun one in the kitchen, with delicious cakes, yummy curries and even more things to come next week. The meal plans this week definitely reflect this as well as my continuous push to wasting less food and using similar ingredients across the week, but don’t worry this doesn’t mean everything will taste the same!

I haven’t included shopping lists this week as I’m not sure how often they are used? So if you do use them and want them back just say so! You can send me a message on here, Instagram or Facebook and I’ll bring them back, but if I don’t hear anything and people more use these plans as inspiration then that’s cool too!

Thanks for you feedback it’s super helpful when I’m trying to figure out what parts of this blog are the best use of my time. And now for this weeks delicious, waste (and perhaps waist?!) friendly ideas…



DAY 1: Tofu Korma Curry: get a vego start to the week with this warming curry.

DAY 2: Green Chicken Skewers with Harissa Sauce and Couscous: These chermoula marinated skewers are YUMMM

DAY 3: Garlic Prawns on Cauliflower Mash: the cauliflower puree just soaks up all that yummo garlic flavour.

DAY 4: Thai Chicken Burgers with Asian Slaw: My fave, you can make these with any curry paste you have hanging around.

DAY 5: Okonomiyaki: You’re basically using your left over vegetables from the rest of the week in these Japanese Pancakes. Super Tasty, Super Easy and they’ll stop you from wasting food!


DAY 1: Roast Cauliflower and Macadamia Salad with Burnt Butter dressing: I haven’t had this salad in a while and almost forgot how filling and delicious it is – plus you can can eat it warm.

DAY 2: Tofu Korma Curry: Making curry from scratch is no where near as hard as you think it is. This one uses lots of dry spices so you don’t need to make a paste first.

DAY 3: Baked Sweet potatoes: Filled with beans and topped with a fresh salsa, these cheesy baked potatoes are super filling!

DAY 4: Lime, Ginger and Sesame Soba Noodle Salad: Simple and quick weeknight meal.

DAY 5:  Sweet Potato Nourish Bowls: you can use your left over veg from the week to make this tasty bowl of goodness.


This weeks bonus recipe suggestion is my favourite porridge! Caramelised banana porridge, yummmm!

HH. x

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