How was everyone’s week? I hope it was full on sunshine, wonderful people and delicious food. Let’s work on making next week all about that too shall we?

Las week was a bit of a busy one over at Healthy Hunter HQ (aka, my kitchen). I did lots of recipe testing and had the pleasure of seeing a little spike in blog views  – I’ve mentioned how much I like stats before haven’t I? Stats are so motivating for me, maybe because they were one of my favourite maths topics. I just admitted on the internet that I had favourite maths topics. Now you all know… I’ll try to move past this.

Anyway the spike was due to a couple of different platforms sharing my recipes such as MSN’s post on comforting soups featuring this Tortilla Soup with charred corn, and two Buzzfeed community posts. One was all about delicious and healthy sweet treats and featured my 5 ingredient coconut and chocolaty bounty balls. The other was a series of super easy one pot chicken dishes and featured this Chicken, lentil and purple cabbage number. I love when people try or share my recipes with others so if you do and you share the results anywhere on social media don’t forget to tag me so I can see!!!

Okay so on to the menus this week. Remember Meal Plan A is for Vegos, and Meal Plan B is for the meat eaters out there. That I’m trying to get to eat vegetarian at least one day a week! You can also mix and match the two if you want more vego days or if you’re a pescatarian.



Day 1: It”s most likely a Monday so let’s go something super easy: Okonomiyaki! Remember to take any leftovers for lunch the next day, they crisp up well in a toasted sandwich maker 😉

Day 2: Crispy Coconut and Sesame Cauliflower for the win. Use the serving suggestion in the recipe, have it with some quinoa and lettuce and the yoghurt sauce. If you’ve got leftover cabbage from last night’s dinner use that as your salad instead of buying lettuce – waste less win!

Day 3: You know I love a mid week pasta date, this week we’re getting super summery with a this lemon and garlic linguini with blistered tomatoes and loads of fresh basil. Serve with a simple green salad with avocado, shave parmesan and a balsamic and olive oil dressing on the side.

Day 4: Creamy Spiced Lentil Daal. This daal is so easy to throw together and great to make for a crowd so get some friends over and dig in. Rice and naan on the side for good crowd pleasing fun. You should have at lease enough for lunch tomorrow too. Freeze your extra  leftovers for lunches or dinners another week.

Day 5: Sticky Miso Mushrooms with sesame noodles. Vibing takeaway because it’s a Friday, and these sesame noodles are a light and healthy way for you to end the week… or a great weekend lunch option if you’re a Friday socialiser and will be out and about having fun times not cooking dinner at home. I actually consider that fun times too, how great do I sound? Friday nights in with my noodles and stats hahaha. Oh dear.


Day 1: You’re having a meat free Monday because it’s easy to start new habits on a Monday. Especially when they taste like this lemon and garlic linguini with blistered tomatoes and loads of fresh basil. Serve with a simple green salad with avocado, shave parmesan and a balsamic and olive oil dressing on the side. Don’t give a F**k that you’re not eating meat because it tastes so delicious you’re not even noticing. Go you.

Day 2: Congrats on yesterday, now you get some red meat! This hummus with green beans and spiced mince is one of my favourite things to eat. Ever. If you’re feeling hungry have some flat bread on the side to scoop up that goodness with. Or just use a spoon, and revel in your low carb greatness.

Day 3: It’s Hump Day, have a salad and feel virtuous. This Miso Chicken with grilled corn and avocado number is full of fresh vibrant flavours. You’ll love it.

Day 4: Two salads in a row! Well this one is rice based so it’s really not the same thing. Black rice and avocado salad with a vietnamese dressing will wake up your tastebuds. Serve it with fresh prawns grilled on the barbecue ( 5 per person) or even just given a quick boil. You could also buy the cooked variety for this one and make your meal super low effort. Ideal.

Day 5: It’s Friday, have a schnitty. Just make it a healthier one! Chicken Schnitzel with Parmesan Slaw, delicious, easy to make and the perfect way to end your week.

This weeks bonus is a breakfast or post work out snack! The green smoothie, this is my favourite combination of flavours in a green smoothie, what’s yours?

I hope theses plans give you a little idea inspiration if you’re feeling stuck! If you make anything and post it on social media don’t forget to tag me!

Have a great week and smile ’til you mean it 😉

HH. x


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