Friday Finds

Spiced Tahini Roasted Chickpeas, see dot point 4 for details!

This Friday I thought I would share some of my favourite food spots, the online ideas and recipes type food spots. As much as I will always adore books of all kinds, especially cookbooks, I also love using food blogs for recipes, it’s a big part of why I ended up writing my own. There are a few different blogs I visit for different types of food, some healthy some a little more indulgent.

  1. Dennis the Prescott. He takes beautiful photos of ridiculously good looking food. Next time I’m feeling a little indulgent (and surrounded by friends that are in the same frame of mind) I want to try this Pulled Chicken Mac and Cheese because it sounds drool worthy. Cheese + carbs is supposed to increase serotonin, so I feel my love of this sort of food makes scientific sense.
  2. How Sweet Eats. I love how Jessica writes and the flavours she puts together. Her flavours always seem to pop right out of the screen. Plus this bowl food option has my name written all over it.
  3. Naturally Nutritious. Melanie is a qualified nutritionist who loves food. She makes amazing baked goods with a nutritious twist and healthy, balanced meals. Like this tomato soup that almost makes me wish for cooler weather so the soup slurping days can begin. Almost. I love summer.
  4. I also love feedfeed it’s a one stop shop for recipe ideas, you can search so many different themed feeds. It makes deciding what’s for dinner based on what’s in your fridge (or what your stomach is begging for) so much easier. Plus they featured my Spiced Tahini Roasted Chickpeas on their Tahini Feed this week! This was initially a subscriber only recipe, but it’s become a subscriber early recipe as I’ve shared it with the good people over at  feedfeed as a thanks for featuring me on their Instagram and in many different feeds on their site. I’ll make the reduced exclusivity up to subscribers (my favourite people) with a truly exclusive recipe next week. Hint: it’s what the below pic is all about!


HH. x

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