Friday Finds

This weeks Friday Finds is a lot about books. And still about food. Holidays always mean catching up on missed reading for me, even if it’s an adventure kind of holiday there’s usually some sort of down time involved, even if it’s only mid flight. It’s also about other vacation related things. Like my hair.

  1. So those books. I purchased 3 books for this holiday, a Jo Nesbo thriller (my idea of light reading. I’m weird), a Siri Hustvedt novel and All the Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doer. The latter did not make it to the holiday, I demolished it in a couple of days. This is a frequent occurrence when a book sucks me in. It’s like having an open packet of Lindt chocolate in front of me. My body ignores my best intentions of pacing myself so I can savour it and just keeps going. It’s a beautiful novel though. You should read it. Doerr’s writing is engrossing and evokes a world in your head that allows you to lose yourself in the beautifully constructed characters as you wait for their inevitable collision. You really should read it.
  2. It was international chocolate cake day or something this week. This meant my Instagram feed was flooded with delicious chocolatey creations. But this cake  (flourless is my favourite kind of chocolate cake) is the one I’m still thinking about and I plan on making it post holiday. It’s important to have plans to look forward to after a holiday – it holds those post trip blues at bay a little bit. And chocolate cake is as great a plan as any!
  3. I’m looking for a high cut swimsuit right now and am loving these babies, the idea of the knit is rather intriguing. Does anyone know of any other good ones? Send me some links! Not that it’s quite swimming weather where I am right now…
  4. But it’s still stroll along the beach weather. I got super touristy and hit Santa Monica Pier this week with my sister and nephew. We definitely got on the ferris wheel. We definitely made jokes about it being rather expensive for ‘just a ferris wheel’. It was definitely worth the price for that glorious view. Be a massive tourist and do it if you ever find yourself on that particular pier.
  5. Next week I’m off to Texas so if you have any tips for Austin, food or adventure wise, please send ’em on through y’all 😉
  6. Have also been listening to podcasts while road tripping this week and this was my favourite. If you find Psychology, mental illness, mindfulness or philosophising about the reliability of our own minds interesting at all give it a listen. I’ve tried a number of approaches to dealing with negative thinking. I like to use logic to combat ridiculous thoughts but for ones that are simply unhelpful and I can’t be bothered giving time to, or feel I already have an understanding of, I’m all for the meditative approach of letting them wash over me. I also find the power of the mind to create a certain reality for us fascinating. Like, at what point does a thought become a reality, is it the point it’s spoken or if we hold it inside long enough does it gain so much strength that it’s just as real as anything we’ve spoken? The thoughts you choose to focus on have so much power over your life – it’s kind of scary. This podcast also reminded me how much our attitude towards ourselves and our thoughts can both empower and destroy us.

Before I get any more philosophical on a Friday (totally inappropriate, I apologise, Fridays are for dancing through the streets and afternoon drinks in the sun) I will sign off. Oh and I got bangzzzzzzzzz. Yes, I got a haircut on holiday – it’s when the itch hit. If you’re curious you can flick on over to my Instagram account and check ’em out. Yay or nay?

HH. x

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