There’s a lot of things other than food that I think about. Well not a lot of things but some, really. And some of them are even interesting and worth sharing. With that in mind I’ve decided to start a ‘Friday Finds’ series of posts where I can blab about other things that I’m excited about/ obsessing over. To be honest this is still going to include food. Just not my own recipes, so totally different right?

This week has been all about last minute holiday prep as I’m off to America next week and will be heading to San Diego, LA, Austin and New Orleans so if anyone has any tips (especially for the last two for places) to visit/eat please let me know – love an inside tip!

But it’s also been about 1000 distractions from getting anything done so my Friday find/obsessions this week are:

  1. The Lobster – as in the film, it’s so weird and delightfully funny. I love absurdly humorous things and if you do too give this film a shot.
  2. Breakfast Bruschetta – essentially this is just me piling leftover things on to a piece of sourdough and eating it for breakfast. Sometimes it involves an egg too, or some avocado. It’s good, simple and uses up my leftovers which is great because my fridge is kind of small.

3. Pasta. Which is kind of weird as it’s summer and I feel like it should be salad I’m obsessing about but it’s not. It’s pasta. Pasta with juicy summery tomatoes and fragrant basil tossed through it. This pasta.

4. Asking Siri to beatbox – go on, get out your iphone and ask Siri to beatbox. It makes me giggle.

5. My BBQ. I got one for Christmas and it’s amazing. Super easy to use as it’s a charcoal and gas hybrid. So far I’ve done loads of different types of vegetables and steak. I grilled whole zucchini’s on there the other day to make a Yottam Ottolenghi courgette baba ganoush recipe and it was amahhhhzing.

6. These cookies. I made them for a friend who is breastfeeding as a little present. They went down a treat and I kept a couple to try… seriously good even if you’re not in need of an energy boost – whoops! I’m trying not to buy people ‘stuff’ for gifts and either make something or give an experience so I was really happy that these were such a hit. She’s also super busy setting up a blog for her mum’s farm, check it out here.

7. Hasselback potatoes. I’m obsessed, why haven’t I be eating these always? Guide to making them here.

That’s it for this Friday, and more than half of it was about food. I’m super predictable, and not going to apologise for it. Not apologising… that will probably end up on next weeks list.


HH. x

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