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I’ve been experimenting a lot with buckwheat lately. It’s a flavoursome grain alternative (as it’s actually a seed) and I love it in all it’s forms, puffed in muesli, raw in porridge or flour in baking and… crepes! After making the stackable american style pancakes and crepes with buckwheat I’ve decided that the crepes are superior by far, thus this is the recipe I’ll share. My quinoa pancakes are still my go to for a healthier fluffy pancake!

These pancakes owe their extra flavour to the cinnamon and vanilla which both pair excellently with the strawberries but you could fill them with anything: caramelised banana, mixed berries, cinnamon and vanilla plums.  You could easily make these savoury by adding some chives to the mix instead of the vanilla and cinnamon. If you want them as a weekday breakfast you could make them the night before and reheat briefly in a pan.

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You can serve the crepes with any fruit, oranges work brilliantly too.

I cooked mine in coconut oil but ghee or butter would work well too. This recipe makes 4-8 crepes depending on the size of your pan (I used a 15cm non stick). If you want to make more simply double or triple the recipe.


1 egg

1/4 tsp vanilla

1/8 tsp cinnamon

30g melted butter

180ml milk of choice

20 ml apple cider vinegar

50g buckwheat flour

1/4 tsp baking soda (bi-carb soda)

2/3 cup sliced strawberries

1/2 cup natural yoghurt

Maple syrup (to serve)

2 tsp mint leaves

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Combine egg, milk, cinnamon, butter, vanilla and apple cider vinegar in a jug that will be easy to pour from (or use a bowl and ladle out when using). Whisk until smooth. Whilst continuing to whisk slowly add the buckwheat flour and baking soda and continue to whisk batter until smooth. Set aside for 20 mins.

Heat a pan and grease with ghee or coconut oil if needed. Add enough batter to thinly coat the pan, remember you are making thin crepes! Cook until bubbles begin to appear and it is beginning to crisp up around the edges (approx 1 minute). Flip, then cook for another 1-2 minutes on the other side, until golden.

Roll each crepe with a little yoghurt, some strawberries and mint then top with more mint and maple syrup. Enjoy!

HH. x

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