Sesame, Miso and Ginger One Pot Chicken Ramen

Basically ramen. But I cheated, and made it quick and easy, like almost as easy as 2 minute noodles but full of goodness and yummy nourishing things rather than a weird dehydrated sachet of ‘flavour’. But let’s be honest, I might be trash talking that stuff but I crave it sometimes as it was the comfort food of my childhood and then hangover food of my teenage years and very early twenties. Don’t judge me, just admire how far I’ve come;)

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I am aware this sin’t my first ‘quick ramen’ recipe but it’s one of my favourite things to eat for dinner so I will keep coming up with variations and sharing them with you. That by no means indicates any level of authenticity. if I’m making ramen at home it isn’t going to be like the ramen experience at a restaurant as I’m just not going to spend that much time making something that I love for how quick it is! That said, it still has to be delicious.

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