Cauliflower and Hummus Pita Pockets

It’s the time of the year for easy wraps and portable food like these delicious pita pockets. They’re quick to make, and super tasty. Plus they’re full of vegetables to help you up your intake in case that’s one of your new years resolutions!

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Hummus Breakfast Plate with Honey Sesame Carrots

Carrots for breakfast woman? Are you mad? I hear someone say. For sure. But no, I’m not (well not unusually so) and this combination makes for a delicious vegetable loaded breakfast that will keep you full for hours. So ditch the cereal and start getting a little more creative at the beginning of the day.

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This recipe is a vegetarian version of this delightful little number. Thus the similar looking dish/sounding recipe title. I am clearly very creative. But the caramelised mushrooms with their spicy undertones are the perfect replacement for the earlier recipe’s crispy, fragrant mince.

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