Fragrant Dahl with Chickpeas, Zucchini and Spinach

Why hello there 2018! I’ve let you roll in ind of quietly without making too much of a fuss in this little corner of the internet. None of that new year new me stuff over here. New year, same me is more my vibe. That doesn’t mean I haven’t got lots of exciting plans happening that I can’t ait to share with you all but there’s not going to be any sudden changes to the scheduled programming, that’s for sure. No diets or resolutions. Just good food and happy times. With that in mind this happy belly making dahl is something I’m oh so happy to share with you to bring in the new year.

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Yes I realise we’ve just had a heatwave of a weekend. But it’s cooled down a little now, and it’s winter in the other half of the world so I know some of you are going to feel like curry. Personally, I always feel like curry. I don’t think it’s just winter comfort food as a lot of countries that serve curry as a staple are typically warm balmy year round weather places. So this is summer appropriate. Plus it’s so friggin good. It’s my favourite dahl, creamy and fragrant and really easy to make.

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