Chocolate, Coconut and Zucchini Cupcakes With Tahini Caramel Glaze

Oh yeah. These are happening. They’re like a a coconut rough cupcake but with green vegetables in them. Yesss please. Don’t freak out about the vegetable content, it’s there to give texture and zucchini is so mild and slightly sweet so it’s a totally fine thing to put in your baked goods. No more zany than carrot cake. So if you can get around carrot cake, you can get around these.

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Sometimes you just need cupcakes, right? But sometimes you don’t want to throw all your good intentions out the window. These little gems are a great mid-ground, they are still sweet but are made with fantastic whole food ingredients and are filling enough that you can stop at one (if, like, self control is a thing you have a handle on). They remind me of those delicious hazelnut gluten free cupcakes with the white chocolate icing and nut brittle that many Melbourne cafes stock. Except these use much less sugar, and are a mixture of buckwheat flour and hazelnut which ups the nutty taste. Fraser believes the pralined nuts on top make these ones, I think it’s the light but creamy vanilla, ricotta and cream cheese icing. Either way they are a delicious indulgence.

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