Breakfasts should be fun, easy and make you excited. A breakfast that sounds like a dessert definitely ticks those boxes. This one also takes so little time, is full of delicious goodness, and can be prepared the night before.

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Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset It’s getting cold in Melbourne and the crisp mornings have me craving porridge, and I’m trying to mix up my combinations as much as possible. This is a dreamy dessert like porridge. It’s reminiscent of a lemon delicious pudding or a lemon tart with the combination of creamy vanilla scented oats, tart lemon curd (without cream or butter) and toasted almond crumb. But it makes a much more nutritious breakfast than either of those options, thanks to the oats and added nuts!

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Another dairy free, vegan, gluten free cheesecake miracle! This one is a little simpler, fresher and more pink than my other cheesecake slice. An oat and almond base is topped with strawberry cashew ‘cheesecake’ filled with chunks of fresh strawberry and a swirl of strawberry puree. It’s delicious and very pretty.

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I’ve been experimenting a lot with buckwheat lately. It’s a flavoursome grain alternative (as it’s actually a seed) and I love it in all it’s forms, puffed in muesli, raw in porridge or flour in baking and… crepes! After making the stackable american style pancakes and crepes with buckwheat I’ve decided that the crepes are superior by far, thus this is the recipe I’ll share. My quinoa pancakes are still my go to for a healthier fluffy pancake!

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This recipe was inspired by a free form berry tart recipe from the master of all baked things, Margaret Fulton. However I wanted to use a wholegrain pastry, decrease the sugar and use a fruit that was currently in season: persimmon. As I was asking this my housemate questioned my fruit choice as he thought they were savoury, more like a tomato, it goes to show that this golden fruit is not getting the love it deserves! Persimmon’s might not have the biggest fan club which is kind of surprising, because when very ripe they are sweet, low in acidity and so delicious.

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