This is an easy and delicious recipe for a rich, bitter sweet chocolate brownie. It’s gluten free and lower in sugar than the typical brownie recipe. It’s also quick and easy to prepare and brilliant with a cup of tea. I’ve mixed coconut flour and almond meal in this recipe as I think they both add a delicious flavour and texture.

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This cake is rich and dense, with a texture that sits on the fence somewhere between cake and brownie. I’ve been wanting to try banana flour for a while and thought what better way than in something banana flavoured? The main flavour note in these is definitely chocolate though but with banana jumping up and down on the sidelines and cinnamon lingering in the background, they make for a happy little team. I threw the roasted almonds in as a support act, and they’re a delicious addition.

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This recipe was inspired by a free form berry tart recipe from the master of all baked things, Margaret Fulton. However I wanted to use a wholegrain pastry, decrease the sugar and use a fruit that was currently in season: persimmon. As I was asking this my housemate questioned my fruit choice as he thought they were savoury, more like a tomato, it goes to show that this golden fruit is not getting the love it deserves! Persimmon’s might not have the biggest fan club which is kind of surprising, because when very ripe they are sweet, low in acidity and so delicious.

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I’ve been trying to perfect a recipe for double chocolate buckwheat and almond cookies for a couple of weeks now but it hasn’t been going to plan. The first batch was too shortbread like once cooled and the next was to cakey. I wanted them to be a fudgier texture. So I made these instead. Peanut butter, molasses, maple syrup and coconut sugar add to the texture. The coconut, buckwheat and roasted almonds add a nutty flavour profile (along with the peanut butter) and the chocolate chips because chocolate chips.

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IMG_2520 This doesn’t taste like health food, and I’m not going to pretend it’s an all the time food. It’s a chocolate pudding so of course not, however it uses great whole foods ingredients and can easily be adapted to suit a variety of diets. There is no refined sugar and you could probably make it vegan by using an egg substitute (I haven’t done this yet). And it tastes like comfort food, because it’s a chocolate self saucing pudding and there are few other desserts as comforting as that. It also passed the boyfriend, family and house mate test. Gooey chocolate sauce, a chocolate sponge with hints of coconut. Sold? You should be.

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I have a problem. I really like baked goods. Especially in the afternoon, anything sweet really, although fruit just hasn’t been cutting it lately. I need more. But when I eat too much processed food and sugar I sleep really badly; then I’m tired; and then I want more sugar in the afternoon to stay awake. It’s a sugary, circular battlefield. To solve this ‘problem’ (really I’m using that term in a pretty fast and loose way – my problem is on the pathetic side!) I’m trying to find low fructose, whole food solutions that are free of refined sugar to stop this cruel circle. Saving lives over here, solving world problems and the like haha.

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I am sitting on my bed with the sun streaming through the window eating ‘off cuts’ of these while I write this. Well if I’m being honest I actually finished eating while I waited for my computer to start up….

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I love snacking and have a serious sweet tooth so these are an afternoon life saver for me! I created them to use up the last of the coconut butter I made a couple of weeks ago. And they are delicious. They are sweetened with dates, I only use 4 in the whole recipe as too many kills my tummy. If you can’t tolerate them at all you could easily replace with maple or rice malt syrup. Just add by the tablespoon until the mixture sticks together…. I’d start with 2Tbs.

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This is so delicious. I made this a month or so ago but sometimes I dream about it. It fills the house with such a delicious smell. And slathered in peanut or almond butter – or just plain butter – it is ridiculous. This also passed the boyfriend test and he is both a lover of sweet things and banana bread so I feel that speaks volumes.

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This cake tastes as delicious as it looks. it’s not overly sweet and the berries on top of the cake go a little bit jam like and tacky. You don’t have to bake it in a bundt tin (see note at bottom) I just like that this tin gives you more crunchy cake crumb around each piece.

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