Meal Plans Week 48

The end of year is hurtling towards me at an alarming rate and if if it wasn’t for my love of the holiday season i’d be screaming for the breaks. Luckily that love is strong. I’m all ofr the food, family, friends, party times and gift giving at this time of year. it’s all my favourite tings at once and living in Australia means I also get sunshine.

Speaking of sunshine I had a minor red head related disaster using natural sunscreen this week. It put it on and after less than the recommended time in the sun I got so burnt. Like I wasn’t wearing any sunscreen at all. It was ridiculous and super frustrating as I really wanted to move away from the regular kind as I seem to be having some sort of allergic reaction to it at the moment. So if you have know any good natural sunscreen brands please let me know!

That was the only disaster this week though, I’ve been spending lots of time making fun and delicious things in the kitchen and it’s making me so happy. This is good news for you because it also means loads of good things coming your way.

I’m also trying to keep up the whole eating an array of plant foods thing and it’s been pretty easy so far. If I’m ever falling short I just chuck a salad together or look for plant food to snack on or include in my sweet treats or breakfast. Easy done!

You know what else is easy? Having someone plan your meals for you so go on.. have a look. This is the last meal plan before Christmas by the way, I feel like you won’t be needing one next Sunday but I’ll post a special collection in the days after Christmas to help you use up all those leftovers;)


Plan A

Day 1: Sesame Tofu Rice Noodle Bowls with Thai Peanut Sauce, prep extra for your lunches!

Day 2: Grilled Apricot, Thyme, Leek and Goats Cheese Salad, served with grilled chicken breast to make things more filling.

Day 3: Haloumi Tacos, a super easy mid week meal or make them for breakfast one morning if your evenings are swamped with party times this week 😉

Day 4: Crispy Sesame Chicken Pieces and Asian Slaw, these chicken pieces are super easy and you can prep the night before. Sorry for the two sesame recipes this week but I just couldn’t choose!

Day 5: Friday night is a great night for a beautiful bowl of Prawn and Cherry Tomato Pasta, so good.

Plan B

Day 1: Sweet Potato and Black Bean Enchiladas, they take a little time but you can make them on Sunday and have lunches sorted 😉

Day 2: Chickpea and Barley Salad with Parmesan Dressing. A simple summer dinner.

Day 3: Sesame Tofu Rice Noodle Bowls with Thai Peanut Sauce, a delightful bowl of goodness

Day 4: Fettucine with Brussel Sprouts and Hazelnuts in a Creamy Sauce. But no cream… simple and delicious.

Day 5: Haloumi tacos are great at any time on a Friday.

Don’t forget to make these Mango and Coconut Icey Poles this week. They’re perfect in the warm weather.

HH. x

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