Mango and Coconut Icey Poles

 Why hello there summer, do I have the perfect accompaniment for you. These icey poles are life and have i fact been saving my life for weeks now. They’re so simple to make and taste amazing. Like a mango Weiss bar but better. Well I think they’re better, and they’re also better for you.

There’s only 4 ingredients and a couple of super simple steps involved so you can totally master these even if you’re a complete mess in the kitchen.The toasted coconut at the end is really optional, I love the extra coconut hint it gives though.

The unfrozen mixture tastes pretty mazing too and if you’re way too impatient to wait to freeze then you could just eat that. Or make 3 icey poles and eat the rest of the mixture as is. I’m not gonna lie, I’m that impatient (at times, sometimes I’m basically a saint).

Coming home to these in the freezer is pure bliss on a hot day and there’s going to be a few of those coming up so take the 5 minutes to prep these and your summer bod will love you for it.

Makes 4


1 mango

2 cups coconut yoghurt

1/2 tsp vanilla seeds (1/2 vanilla bean)

1/4 cup coconut flakes, toasted


Remove the cheeks of the mango and scoop out the flesh. Cut any remaining mango away from the seed. Blitz in a food processor or blender to make a smooth puree.

Combine the vanilla seeds and coconut yoghurt, stirring until mixed through, in a medium sized bowl.

Swirl the mango puree on top and fold the mixture 2-3 times. Pour into 4 icey pole moulds (this will mix it together further thus the very gentle folding) and place a icey pole stick in each one. Freeze for a few hours or overnight, until firm.

Remove and press into the coconut flakes, you can then eat or refreeze in a freezer safe container.

HH. x

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