7 Christmas Party Worthy Desserts That Are Also Good For You

I totally get that Christmas is a time of indulgence for all of us and I am by no means suggesting you overhaul your whole Christmas tradition and make it a ‘healthy’ Christmas because Christmas isn’t unhealthy, it’s a time to celebrate with your loved ones and share traditions, gifts and food. It’s not a time to be worrying about calories. Then again I don’t think any day is a day to worry about calories! That said, you can include a few things that are a little lighter to mix things up, lighter but still super delicious and this little collection ticks those boxes big time. From gluten free, to dairy free, to just wholesome there’s something for everyone,

I love making mini tarts to feed a crowd, especially at a party and many of the treats on this list are ideal to throw into the finger food mix at any party you’re hosting or attending. They all taste delicious and will hold their own among any other treat. I love to have a balanced approach at this time of year and eat all the things I want to, but try to throw a few less sugar laden treats in the mix – I’m big on eating homemade things too.


I wont’t be having some crazy health food blogger Christmas, it’s just not who I am! I will be having a Christmas with all the traditional foods and events that my family and friends share and love. For me that means housemate Christmas Dinner at Bar Nonno, family Christmas Eve, Christmas Day and Boxing Day, and getting the girls together for a Christmas dinner the week before Christmas. My beautiful friend Alex and I will be cooking a feast for the girls that will include Gravlax (recipe coming soon) and prawns to start (maybe these tostadas), then a series of delicious salads and meat followed by a Pistachio and Rosewater cake. I’ll also be making the bliss balls below to round out the feast. I’ll let you know more about what our family Christmas entails next week, but it’s all about the traditions we’ve created together. That said there’s always something green on the table as life is about balance!

And that’s what this collection of dessert ideas for your Christmas celebrations are all about… Throwing some balance in the mix in the most delicious way possible!


1. Mini Maple Lemon Tarts add a layer of raspberry to make them look even more festive.

2. Gingerbread bliss balls a yummy festive bite and perfect to share amongst a crowd

3. Strawberry and Cream tarts These babies just look like Christmas, super simple to make too.

4. Baked Chocolate Cheesecake, this cheesecake is lower in sugar and a little lighter than the regular kind but it’s made with dairy so it’s not the raw vegan variety.

5. Coconut Banoffee Tarts. these need to be made and eaten on the same day and they’re so delicious that this should be an easy feat.

6. Strawberry and Vanilla Granita, it looks beautiful and is great for those of us celebrating the festive season with the sun shining.

7. Choc Bounty Balls – little morsels of YUM and only 5 ingredients.

HH. x

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