Meal Plans Week 46

It’s officially summer! Although in Melbourne you wouldn’t know it as it’s decided to be decidedly unsummery (it’s a word) to start off the season. I hope everyone is getting through the rain without any major damage! This week’s plans are full of salads, noodles, tacos and burgers because that’s what i’ve been into eating at the moment- lucky you.

I’m trying to use lots of seasonal produce to make sure everything is super delicious. I unfortunately haven’t got a vegetable garden at the moment so all my produce is coming from the local shops instead. I can’t wait to gt the garden sorted now that I’ve finished teaching for the year. But the list of things i want to ‘get sorted’ over the next couple of months is getting ridiculously long…

Anyway this weeks meal plans have an excellent array of plant foods in them so you should easily be able to hit the 40 different varieties I was talking about last week, as there’s about 30-35 in each of these plans alone. That doesn’t mean a huge shopping haul as dry spices, nuts, seeds and so on all count! Remember the extra 10 plant foods can be fruit and nuts as breakfast or snacks (mixed berries and nuts will get you at least 5!) or the gingerbread bliss balls that I’ve suggested for this weeks bonus recipe contain 10 different plant foods alone so just much on those bad boys;)

Plan A

Day 1: Haloumi Tacos. Why have I never put haloumi in a taco before?

Day 2: Mango, Avocado and Prawn Noodle Salad with Satay Dressing this is my new favourite.

Day 3: Easy Lentil Salad because it’s always so easy and delicious.

Day 4: Salmon, Fennel and Pea Pasta. There’s nothing wrong with having seafood twice this week!

Day 5: Chicken Parma Burgers, these are a flavour bomb of crispy deliciousness and can be made gluten free if you choose a gluten free bun, or use a giant lettuce leaf as the bun! Plus the coating is made entirely from plant food to increase the variety in your diet!

Plan B

Day 1: Sticky Miso Mushrooms with Sesame Noodles make extra for your lunch as this is great cold too.

Day 2: Black Rice, Coconut and Avocado Salad. Add a couple of soft boiled eggs and a handful of greens to this deliciousness

Day 3: Basil, Charred Sweet Corn and Buffalo Mozzarella Pasta. It’s officially summer so embrace the produce.

Day 4: Easy Lentil Salad. It’s always a good idea and great for lunches too.

Day 5: Haloumi Tacos these are definitely all day food.


And it’s time to get your Christmas vibe on because it’s december! So this weeks suggested treat is Gingerbread Bliss Balls. ‘Tis the season!


HH. x

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