Meal Plans Week 42

Birthday week is doooone! And it was such a good one, if a bit of a blur. I had the Bupa Blog Awards on Thursday night and although I didn’t win it was such a pleasure to be one of the finalists and meet some crazy talented people. People like Tara from the Nutrition Guru and the Chef who was the winner of my category. But the week’s been BUSY so I’m just finishing off this post this morning thus it’s probably going to be posted a little later than usual!

I’m totally still in bed though and surrounded by doggos as it’s the last weekend that I’m looking after my parents dog Frank, while they’re seeing my sister in America. We’ve also got dog number 3 at the moment as there was a doggo sleep over last night because why not. I’m currently surrounded and they’re super distracting and adorable. Check out my insta stories if you want a look at their adorableness. I’ve been a little dog obsessed for the last 3 weeks.

But more about the food because that’s why you’re here! This weeks meal plans have a super delicious selection of things for you with plenty of cross over ingredients just how I like it. You should be able to get lots of serves of amazing veg in, I like to serve pastas with a side salad to make sure this happens.

As per usual we’ve got the Plan A eat anything plan and the Plan B veggo option. Get crazy and mix and match if you like!

Plan A

Day 1:  Zucchini, Chilli and Garlic Linguini serve with a big bowl a green beans and broccolini on the side or a green salad.

Day 2: Tandoori Salmon and Cauliflower Salad this is such a delicious combination and tandoori paste is perfect with the omega 3 rich Salmon.

Day 3: Baked Chicken Kiev with Home Made Wedges. An extra side salad here would help you up your vegetable in take for the day!

Day 4: Pork and Vegetable Dumplings with a Sweet and Spicy Sauce, best made with some helping hands. You can freeze extras and then cook from frozen. Serve these with a pile of the same greens you used on day 1.

Day 5: It’s Friday, probably time for some nachos and these Chipotle Black Bean Nachos with Manchego and Grilled Poblano Peppers are everything. And loaded with lots of vegetables.

Plan B

Day 1: Let’s start things with something super easy and just eat toast. But seriously pimped up toast: Miso Butter Enoki Mushrooms on Sourdough.

Day 2: Crispy Satay Tofu with Coconut Rice and Cucumber Salad. I haven’t made this in ages and it’s sooo good.

Day 3: Zucchini, Chilli and Garlic Linguini serve with a big green salad on the side. If you have any leftover cucumber or avocado from last night throw it in the salad.

Day 4: Vegetarian Pad Thai is always a great idea.

Day 5: Celebrate the end of the week with Chipotle Black Bean Nachos with Manchego and Grilled Poblano Peppers

I’m all about a morning smoothie at the moment and this green one helps me fit way more vegetables into my diet. And it’s delicious.

Have a beautiful week lovely humans.

HH. x

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