Miso Butter and Enoki Mushrooms on Sourdough

Not every meal needs to be a  production. Sometimes all I want for lunch or dinner is just some beautiful fresh bread topped with something tasty. And these ‘shrooms are so tasty. It’s ind of like the vegetable and fancy equivalent of vegemite on toast thanks to the  complex miso butter flavour.

Now you don’t actually need to make a miso butter first or anything. Everything gets cooked in the space of a few minutes in the one pan. So this also happens to be a one pan or one dish meal… mostly because it’s just mushrooms on toast haha. I feel like this is almost as ridiculous as writing out the recipe for avocado toast. But there’s actual cooking involved so not as ridiculous perhaps.

I love the simplicity of food like this. Just letting one ingredient shine on your plate. That said you could easily add a layer of wilted spinach to the toast too to add even more vegetables to your plate. I really like to pile the mushrooms on the sourdough but you could make 4 pieces of toast and have a thinner layer of mushrooms on each one.

Also, eat this with a knife of fork because the mushrooms make for difficult and messy times if you try to eat it like you would vegemite toast.

Serves 1 as a meal 2 as a snack


1 tsp olive oil

2 tsp ginger, grated

1 clove of garlic, crushed

200g enoki mushrooms, last cm of roots trimmed

2 Tbs Chinese Cooking wine

1 heaped tsp miso paste

1 tsp butter

To serve

2 slices sourdough, toasted

1 Tbs spring onion, finely chopped


Heat the olive oil in a medium non stick saucepan over medium heat. Add the garlic and ginger and cook for  minute. Separate the enoki into smaller clumps and add them to the pan. Stir to coat in the ginger and garlic oil.

Add the cooking wine and miso to the mushrooms and stir to combine, cook for a few minutes until wine has evaporated.

Add 2 Tbs of water and the butter and cook until the butter has melted and coated the mushrooms (a minute or 2)

Serve on the toasted sourdough with any extra sauce drizzled over the top, scattered in the spring onion and with a crack of black pepper to finish.

HH. x

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