This recipe makes a mini bathc of muffins, just 6 of these special delicious beauties and there’s good reason for that. They’re best eaten the day you make them. Having one fresh from the oven is pretty much a must as they’re super light and airy. They’re alos amazing as part of a brunch spread if you’re the kind of person who has friends over for breakfast. Those kinds of people are great (note to all friends, have me over for breakfast please).


They’re pretty low in sugar with just 3 Tbs of coconut sugar in the batch. I also haven’t added any fat to them as the eggs and flaxmeal both add enough excellent healthy sources of fat anyway. You can use fresh or frozen blueberries in these guys, I used fresh as they’ve been so cheap lately and that’s always an excellent moment to celebrate.

These aren’t big muffins, they’re more like a little snack sized one which is how I like my muffins. I can’t handle those huge ones you get at service stations or school canteens. it’s a whole meal, and I can’t eat a muffin as a whole meal… or can I?! Look, I can probably handle it but then it usually means I won’t end up eating anywhere near enough serves of vegetables that day and that’s not a great path for me to head down. So these are a snack not a meal, and they’re sized appropriately for that!

The golden falx flour gives them such a delicious flavour and means that they’re also delightfully high in fibre which is great for your gut. I’m really into baking with flaxmeal lately as it’s light enough to sub in for some of the flour in regular recipes. Have fun baking:)

Makes 6 muffins


2 eggs

3 Tbs coconut sugar

1 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup wholemeal spelt flour

1/4 golden flaxseed flour/flaxmeal

1/2 tsp baking powder

3/4 cup blueberries


Preheat oven to 170 degrees celsius. Line a 6 hole muffin tray with cupcake/muffin liners.

In a clean bowl beat eggs and sugar together until they are light, fluffy and have doubled in volume. Beat in vanilla extract.

Sift the dry ingredients into the egg mix and add the blueberries. Fold the dry ingredients and blueberries into the mix until just combined.

Divide evenly among the 6 muffin holes.

Bake for 10-15minutes or until golden and they spring back when pressed.

HH. x

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