Happy Sunday folks! It’s Meal Plan time again, and I’m sticking to last weeks theme of one gut makeover friendly plan (to reflect what I’m eating) and one vegetarian plan (because eating less meat is a wonderful thing for the planet).

That said, all of this weeks recipes are satisfying as they are and you will hopefully not notice the absence of grains… or maybe I’m just getting used to it?! I’ve definitely noticed that I’m now feeling much more satisfied after my meals. The urge to snack is lessening. Just a reminder if you’re paleo, gluten free or dairy free, Plan A should also work for you.

I actually dreamed about pasta this week though. There’s probably something wrong with me, but I’m not going to worry about that… pasta is great, it deserves to be dreamed about. And for that reason I’ve included one of my favourite winter pasta recipes in the vegetarian mix.

I’m actually getting a little over talking about my Gut Makeover at the moment. I’ve been to a few social events in the last two weeks and explaining why I’m not drinking or eating a lot of the available food means I’ve had to talk about it a lot and I feel like a bit of an idiot telling people I’m not drinking because of a ‘gut makeover’ but I should probably just get over myself and accept that I’m now that person with all the dietary requirements that talks about them all the time. I can’t though! I mean, how embarrassing?!

So very quickly this weeks positive changes: Feeling full after my meals, not getting hangry even when hungry, no pms related cravings for sugar and carbs, sleeping a little better, feeling more energised when exercising than last week. I also ate more vegetarian meals this week which suited me a little better. My jeans are definitely looser.

Things I’ve found hard: Eating out or at friend’s houses is still difficult. The choices are always a little limited and the whole finding it embarrassing being that person with all the needs thing. I need to get over myself.

This week I also tried pilates for the first time (3 classes in week 1!) and have been loving it… but my abs are killing me today! I started with my friend Kaitlin so it feels like a nice social thing to do that isn’t having a wine or coffee… our usual preferences haha.

Did anyone else go crazy spending their had earned cash at The Reformation Sale? I couldn’t help myself. Even though I really should be spending money on a new phone and computer because I’ve cracked both screens… must adult this week.

First step in being an adult… be organised. Plan your eats!


Plan A

Day 1: Soy Lime and Chilli Roast Chicken with Szechuan and Peanut Green Beans: Use any leftover chicken in salads for lunches through out the week. Replace the soy with tamari in the chicken recipe if you need to keep it gluten free. Add roasted broccoli for an extra vegetable!

Day 2: Asian Turmeric and Ginger Omelette with Peanut Slaw. You can use the same slaw in this recipe and the Salt and Pepper Prawn Lettuce Cups.

Day 3: Salt and Pepper Prawn Lettuce Cups, serve with the greens beans again!

Day 4: Green Chicken Skewers with Harissa Sauce – simple and full of flavour, serve with a rocket salad and parsnip fries

Day 5: Vegetarian Huevos Rotos Use a couple of different types of sweet potato to keep this one gut friendly. You could also cook a white potato and allow it to cool then grate it , this creates resistant starch in the potato which helps feed beneficial bacteria in the gut. Win!

Gut Makeover tip: I also roasted a whole lot of random vegetables (cauliflower, parsnip, sweet potato etc) earlier in the week and had them as salads with greens, soft boiled eggs and other random leftovers for lunches. My breakfasts have been green smoothies or eggs and 2 serves of vegetables. Preferably different ones than I was eating at dinner to increase the variety I’m eating!


Plan B

Day 1: Dahl Makhani – all the flavour without the cream!

Day 2: Creamy Vegan Mushroom and Thyme Soup…. also no cream, just seeing how many times I can type that word… clearly missing dairy!

Day 3: Crispy Chickpea Bowls with Slaw, Quinoa and Creamy Spinach dressing: This is such a good salad bowl and great for lunches.

Day 4: Asian Turmeric and Ginger Omelette with Peanut Slaw. This is perfect any time of the day  food! You can use any leftover slaw from last night.

Day 5: Pumpkin and Parmesan Pasta with Crispy Sage. This pasta dish is the perfect comfort food, plus it’s full of vegetables! Serve with a simple rocket and cucumber salad dressed with balsamic and olive oil.

This weeks bonus recipe is Peanut Butter Waffles! Because I’ve just realised they’re gut makeover friendly! Whoop Whoop waffle time.

HH. x


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