Happy Sunday! This week’s meal plans are teeming with delicious ideas and lots of variety… actually there’s an awful lot of mushrooms in that vegetarian one – but you can use different mushrooms so still variety right? I’ve tried to include recipes that use a lot of the same herbs and will pop in tips to make sure you’re not wasting food!

I usually only eat 3 of the dishes from these meal plans each week. And I eat them the week prior, so I’m always one step ahead. The others usually reflect similar things to what I ate but the rest of the things I cook in a week are testing for recipes that I’m yet to post. SO my diet never exactly reflects these plans. But next week it will be pretty much on point. That’s because my meal plans for the next 4 weeks will be based around what I’m eating for my Gut Makeover.

I’ve mentioned that I’m doing this before and I’ll go into more detail about it next week but the meal plans will be easily adaptable for those that want to eat more grains (something I unfortunately won’t be doing for the next month, eek). I thought it would be a good chance to document the journey and give other people that are interested in improving their gut biome some easy inspo to see that the restrictive sounding diet is doable.

I’ll basically be cutting out alcohol, caffeine, sugar, grains, legumes, dairy (for the first 2 weeks) and all processed food and upping the variety of vegetables I eat. This is all in the hope of improved mental clarity and mood, improved energy, improved sleep, and improving my immune system. And as a bit of a reset as I always get a little carried away with the sweet treats and carb loading in winter. I want to get back to planning my meals by starting with the veg first. The aim is to eat 20-30 different varieties of fruit and vegetables a week. Not that there’s anything wrong with grains, legumes and dairy etc and I will be including them again in the future as I am not intolerant to any of them. I just want to re-balance my diet, you know? I’ll keep you all informed about how it’s going through these Sunday Meal Plans.

I will still be going for my usual waste free approach and I don’t think this will be problematic at all, despite the 20-30 different fruit and veg to include. This is because they will be making up the bulk of my meals so I’ll be eating a lot of them – thus hopefully no wasted veg at the end of the week. Plus, that’s what curries are for, right?

But anyway, here’s your last regular Meal Plans for the month of August, enjoy!


Day 1: Spicy Silken Tofu Bowl   If you have leftovers keep the mushrooms and rice separate to the silken tofu as you won’t want to microwave/reheat the tofu!

Day 2: Hot Smoked Salmon Salad This is delicious by itself or to top rice, only dress what you plan on eating in that meal though, it’ll keep better this way!

Day 3: Creamy Spiced Lentil Dahl Have any other leftover veg you’ve got from the previous meals on the side to make for a well rounded meal.

Day 4:  Chicken Schnitzel and Slaw This slaw is an excellent base for any salad, add soft boiled eggs for an easy lunch.

Day 5: Thai Red Curry Beef Stir Fried Noodles If you have leftover cabbage from last night, toss it through this stir fry.



Day 1: Vegetarian Lasagne – make Day 1 Sunday and take you time in the kitchen making this delicious vegetarian eggplant ragu based lasagne!

Day 2: Spicy Silken Tofu Bowl 

Day 3: Miso Sesame Roasted Pumpkin and Cauliflower SaladYou can use any grain you like in this – wild rice works well too!

Day 4: Kung Pao Mushroom Noodles If you have leftover cauliflower from last night then toss it through these noodles.

Day 5: Vegetarian Huevos RotosThe ideal any time of the day food. Any leftover potatoes can be made into fritters for breakfast.


And don’t forget to curl up with this super easy and light dessert: berry and thyme sponge pudding.

HH. x

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