We’re deep into winter now and I finally think I’ve adjusted. I’ve got the right amount of blankets on my bed. I know how to get the house warm super quick, and have red wine and a list of great shows on hand for when it’s too miserable to head outside. plus, I’ve got a decent list of winter favourites I’m rotating.

Quick noodle soups and curries are sitting on the list along with pasta and vegetarian soups. plus he kind of food that warms my soul like crispy rice bowls and burgers. Yum! I’m planning on doing a Gut Makeover next month so will have to part ways with grains for 28 days. As well as alcohol, sugar, caffeine, dairy and other things. But it’s the grains that are going to get me. but it’s just a ,onto and I figure I can probably deal with that for  a month.

I’ve been reading so much about gut health for the last year and the importance of a healthy gut biome that I want to get my own in order and hopefully see the purported benefits of improved mental clarity, mental health, skin and immunity. I’ve been feeling run down for what seems like months now! But I’ll blab on about exactly what this gut make over is all about when I post about the food I’ll be eating in August. For now…. Delicious winter meal pans! As per usual the first one is for the ‘I eat everything’ folks, the 2nd one is for vegetarians!

Here we go…


Day 1: Coconut and Ginger Eggplant Curry

Day 2: Crispy Rice Rainbow Bowls with Ginger and Oyster Sauce Eye Fillet

Day 3: Skillet Lasagne with Ricotta and Greens

Day 4: Prawn and Pumpkin Yellow Curry 

Day 5: Crispy Chicken Burgers with Parmesan Slaw and Spicy Mayo




Day 1: Sweet Potato and Spinach Massaman Curry

Day 2: Tofu Schnitzel Rice Noodle Bowls

Day 3: Moroccan Tomato and Chickpea Soup

Day 4: Broccolini and Ginger Fritters with Cucumber and Peanut Salad

Day 5: Skillet Lasagne with Ricotta and Greens


This weeks bonus recipe: I’m feeling waffles this morning! These Carrot Cake Waffles with Cinnamon Maple Yoghurt in particular.

For more sweet breakfast ideas check out my ebook Dessert For Breakfast.

HH. x

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