Happy Sunday folks! It’s meal plan time again. This week you’ll find some super yummy ideas based around cross over ingredients because I like to try and make your life easier like that.

Some of the time when I come up with a recipe it’s based on a light bulb idea I had, some of the time I get this idea while eating something or reading about something, the rest of the time it happens because of what’s in my fridge at the time. I love being able to open the fridge door and figure out how I can use what I’ve got inside it. Thus a lot of my recipes have overlapping ingredients as they’ve come from the leftovers of one of those light bulb idea recipes. I just don’t always post them in the same week because I need to retest them before they’re ready to share.

I guess this is intuitive cooking? Does anyone else cook like this? Who loves to follow a recipe and who just glances at one and does their own take on that? Whatever way you prefer to cook I hope this weeks little collection gives you some delicious inspo.

Remember if you want to cut down on food waste you can always try Marley Spoon (get $25 off with the code MARLEY 50), they portion everything for you so there’s no excess ingredients.

Plan A

Day 1: Moroccan Spiced Tomato and Chickpea Soup. This is super easy, and a filling vego start to the week.

Day 2: Garam Masala Spiced Chicken, Greens and Browns Rice Tray Bake. Surprisingly, there’s a lot of cross over ingredients between the soup and this one.

Day 3: Brussel Sprout and Hazelnut Pasta: This is such a delicious pasta dish, the nuts can be swapped out for the nut you have on hand but hazelnuts and brussel sprouts are amazing together.

Day 4: Garlic Prawns on Cheesy Cauliflower Mash. Cheese and seafood, it happened, it’s a little trashy and a whole lot of yum.

Day 5: Thai Red Curry Ramen: Using chicken mince makes this super quick and easy to cook, feel free to use the vegetables that you have on hand in this one.

Plan B

Day 1: Moroccan Spiced Tomato and Chickpea Soup. This is super easy, and a filling soup start to the week. You can make it vegan too.

Day 2: Vegetarian ‘meatballs’ with a coconut curry sauce and noodles. These lentil meatballs might sound a little weird but the texture and flavours are great!

Day 3: Crispy Satay Tofu, Coconut Rice and Cucumber Avocado Salad. One of my favourite ways to eat tofu and it should convert anyone.

Day 4: Stuffed Sweet Potatoes: You can use any vegetables and herbs you have from the other recipes to add freshness to the top of these.

Day 5: Zucchini and Lentil Salad. The yoghurt sauce this salad is served over really makes it. Add a couple of soft boiled eggs to make it more filling.

Get around the porridge I’ve been eating all week… banana bread porridge.

HH. x


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