This weeks meal plans are continuing along that waste less theme. The recipes have cross over ingredients but different flavour profiles and should leave you with enough for lunches if there’s just 2 of you! This is how I cook at home, using ingredients form one recipe to create the rest.

I’ve included little tips after each recipe to guide your shopping. If you want to cut down further on waste try growing things like flat leaf parsley and thyme at home. They’re the herbs I find easiest to grow and can cost $3 a bunch at the supermarket. If they’re in your garden you just pick what you need, and you can grow herbs even on a windowsill.


Plan A

DAY 1: Chicken and Orecchiette Soup with Parmesan and Lemon. Once you’ve picked the chicken off the bones for this soup you can then boil the bones for bone broth and use it to make your polenta later in the week. Reserve 2 cups of the shredded chicken for Day 3.

DAY 2: Tofu and Kale Creamy Korma Curry: Such a delicious easy to make curry, no curry paste needed and mostly dry spices from your pantry.

DAY 3: Chicken and Cabbage Fried rice: Use the leftover poached chicken from your chicken soup for this delicious fried rice.

DAY 4: Cheesy Polenta with Fried Eggs, Blistered Tomatoes and Greens: The last of the kale gets used in this easy any time of the day meal.

DAY 5: Sous Vide Salmon with Smoky Maple Dressing: You can make this without a sous vide machine! Use the leftover cabbage, parsley and lemon in the the slaw accompanying this salmon. You can easily serve it with rice or quinoa to bulk things out.


Plan B – The vegetarian one!

DAY 1:  Vegetarian Lasagne with Cauliflower Bechamel: This takes a little more time than all the other recipes this week but it makes heaps and freezes well so you’re sorted for lunches, make it on a Sunday!

DAY 2: Tofu and Kale Creamy Korma Curry  You’ll use some of the leftover kale from the lasagne in this recipe. Top it wioth some beansprouts as you won’t need them all for tomorrows recipe.

DAY 3: Vegetarian Pad Thai: This uses a lot of the same vegetables as the Lasagne, but with a totally different flavour profile!

DAY 4: Cheesy Polenta with Fried Eggs, Blistered Tomatoes and Greens: You can use the last of the kale in this recipe, even the stalks!

DAY 5:  Pumpkin Chickpea and Tahini Salad: You can roast any other leftover vegetables with the pumpkin to add more yummy flavours to this salad.

I posted a new waffle recipe this week and I can’t not include it cos it’s yummy! You can reheat leftovers in the toaster during the week:) I give you: Peanut Butter Waffles 😉

HH. x


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