This weeks meal plans have arrived and they’re delightful! I’ve included notes on how to cut down on waste by adjusting the recipes, such as using green cabbage for both recipes that call for cabbage this week. I’m all for adapting recipes to suit your needs, and the contents of your fridge.

I’ve been getting so good at having zero waste at the end of my week and that’s mostly because I’m planning my meals around using similar ingredients but with different flavour profiles. This way it tastes different but I’m not having to buy tonnes of different produce.

The leftover vegetables also usually find their way into breakfast fritters or into a pan with eggs. I haven’t included shopping lists again this week. If you want to them then just comment below and let me know:)

How do you try to cut down on waste in your house?

Plan A

DAY 1: Miso and sesame roasted pumpkin and cauliflower grain salad. Now you’re off to a tasty and virtuous week! If you have to buy more cauliflower than the recipe states you could easily add it to the curry on Day 3, or roast it with the chicken on Day 2.

DAY 2: One Pan Roasted Chicken with Lentils and Farro: You can make this with Green cabbage instead of red as you’ll use it in the chicken burgers later in the week too. Waste free winning

DAY 3: Prawn and Pumpkin Yellow Curry, any leftover cauliflower would be great in this too.

DAY 4: Creamy Mushroom Fettucini: But no cream! Add spinach to this one for an extra burst of nutrients.

DAY 5: Crispy Chicken Burgers. You need these in your life. The chicken is lightly pan fried then baked and has the most delicious crunchy almond coating. Did I mention the parmesan slaw? And Spicy mayo? Yes please!

Plan B

DAY 1: Coconut and Ginger Eggplant curry so much flavour and a simple weeknight curry!

DAY 2:  Miso and sesame roasted pumpkin and cauliflower grain salad the flavours in this salad are unreal and you’ll use the herbs from last nights dinner again  – win!

DAY 3: Cauliflower Risotto: Creamy risotto without the cream. Sign me up please.

DAY 4: Quick Vegetarian Miso Ramen: Use any quick coking vegetables you like in this, the snow peas from Day 1 would be great!

DAY 5: Vegetarian Baked Pita Chip Nachos: This is friday night movie food – yum! You can use any leftover vegetables for the week in this too, like grating carrot into the tomato mixture. Radish and olives are optional!

I think it’s time to have a another batch of banana bread to go for afternoon cravings!

HH. x

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