Braised things, broths, immune boosting flavours that’s what I’ve got planned for you this week! I’ve been in Queensland this weekend so didn’t get this finished for this morning – sorry!


A weekend of sunshine and sand was so refreshing, I feel amazing. It was also my last time to holiday with two of my best gal pals while before one of them becomes a mumma, I swear her belly grew over hte weekend! So mazing to watch.

I’ve included some new recipes from this week as per usual. You’ve go t to try that salmon – it’s amazing! But it’s late and it’s a Sunday night so let’s just get this post up and I’ll stop blabbing on.



Day 1: Soy Braised Shiitake Mushrooms with greens and brown rice This is so delicate but the mushrooms get sort of meaty – it’s perfect.

Day 2: Middle Eastern Chicken and Barley Salad tasty and filling salad full of yummy vegetables and wholegrains.

Day 3: Thai Red Curry Pumpkin Soup, so much flavour and if you have left over curry paste from last weeks ramen it’s the perfect thing.

Day 4: Fragrant Coconut Poached Salmon with Red Lentils I can’t get enough of this dish, it’s easy and full of flavour and goodness.

Day 5: Crispy Baked Chicken with Loaded Sweet Potato Fries Crispy finger lickin’ chicken with some rather special fries

Plan A Shopping List Week 22


Day 1: Cauliflower Mac n Cheese the roasted bits of cauliflower in the cauliflower cheese sauce is AMAZING!

Day 2:  Thai Red Curry Pumpkin Soup this one will warm up to your soul – with lentils to make it extra filling.

Day 3: Soy Braised Shiitake Mushrooms with greens and brown rice I can’t get enough of these delicate mushrooms.

Day 4: Roast Kipfler and Cauliflower Salad with Romesco Sauce The romesco dressing is the perfect thing to tie this salad together.

Day 5: Satay Noodles with Sweet Potato Easy noodles for your friday night meal!

Plan B Shopping List Week 22


This weeks bonus is these Cinnamon brioche bliss balls because YUM!!

HH x

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