This week has been full of fun things with some great new recipe son the blog, naturally I’ll be including them in this weeks meal plans! One of them is my favourite thing I’ve made in a long time because it uses one of my favourite ingredients… noodles!

I’ve also been working a heap at the moment and changing over housemates so life has been busy and full of change. I don’t mind the whole change aspect, as embarking on new adventures is always fun. However, it’s meant less time in the kitchen which is not so great… And this whole winter thing is really limiting the amount of time I have to take pictures in natural light, and I’m not lighting genius photographer so I need that natural light! It’s meant be way more disciplined and organised than I usually am too, such a challenge ha. It’s also meant a focus on food that doesn’t take too long to make – perfect for these weekly meal plans!

Anyway back to the food. There’s shopping lists and everything again this week because of that whole more organised thing, lucky you.

I’m also really trying to focus on wasting as little as possible. This is always a focus of mine when I’m cooking and I usually try to plan what I’m cooking around having cross over ingredients and herbs. It also saves you money and I’m on post holiday poverty rations so this is key.

Plan A

Day 1: Can Pasta Bake Monday be a thing? Because this Pumpkin, Tomato and Thyme Pasta Bake is so delicious. You can also easily double or triple the recipe to make enough for lunches too.

Day 2: Crispy Skin Ocean Trout/Salmon Bowls: This recipe may look like a lot of ingredients but all of them have a place in other recipes this week. If you can’t by a 1/4 cabbage use half and serve any leftover salad with the Tagine, or Dahl or make okonomiyaki fritters for brunch. Left over yoghurt can be used to serve with the dahl or tagine too. If you have leftover kale just turn it into kale chips and it’ll disappear oh so quickly.

Day 3: Thai Red Curry Noodle Soup, Ramen Style. It’s everything. My favourite thing to eat this winter for sure, the chicken mince means it’s ready super quickly and you can a little bit of meat in every slurp of noodle goodness.

Day 4: Creamy Spiced Lentil Dahl – Dahl every week please. This one is easy and comes together really quickly.

Day 5: Chicken Tagine – It might say Autumn in the description but these ingredients and flavours carry right through to Winter. Plus you’re using some of that butternut pumpkin you got for Monday’s recipe 😉


Plan A Shopping List Week 21


Plan B

Day 1: Pasta Bake Monday. It’s now a thing so make this Pumpkin, Tomato and Thyme Pasta Bake – it’s delicious. I’ve included extra lettuce in the shopping list so you can serve this with a salad (just dress with lemon juice and olive oil!). You’ll also be using it in your crispy cauliflower bowl.

Day 2: Spinach and Sweet Potato Massaman Curry: Nothing like a good curry to get your sorted for dinner and work lunches for the rest of the week. Left over bean shoots will be used in tomorrow nights dish!

Day 3:  Burmese Style Noodles with Mushroom Curry Sauce: This sauce coats the noodles and is super delicious, and with two recipes involving bean shoots this week you hopefully won’t end up with half a bag left in your fridge!

Day 4: Easy Sweet Potato Buddha Bowl: This bowl comes together super quickly in terms of effort. You can use any lettuce you like in it as you will use that same style in 2 different recipes this week so it’s going to get used.

Day 5: Crispy Coconut and Sesame Cauliflower with yoghurt sauce (I’ve included enough quinoa in the shopping list along with a extra lettuce so you can turn this into a warm salad – just dress with lemon juice and olive oil). The yoghurt sauce recipe is part of a crispy Ocean Trout bowl recipe but I’ve included the ingredients for it in your shopping list.


Plan B Shopping List Week 21


This weeks bonus recipe has to be the sesame caramel slice. It’s so good, try it with hulled or unhulled tahini, whatever you prefer.

HH. x

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