It’s Mother’s Day on Sunday and for many of you that might mean brunch. My own mum has vetoed the idea and opted for dinner but I might see if my sister wants brunch because I feel like it’s just a good option for any Sunday. Who’s with me?  This dish translates to broken eggs and it can be eaten any time of the day you like, the first time I ate it was for dinner;) However if your mum is all about the savoury breakfast his will be a winner and it’s a breeze to make!


So you know how I like to mess with perfect,y good traditional dishes and make them my own? Well this is another one of this times. When I had this it was with fries, crispy Iberic bacon and shaved truffle. Fancy and rally delicious. But not the kind of thing I can justify having every week so I decided, unsurprisingly, to do a healthier take on this deliciousness. The eggs still get broken but the bacon and truffle are replaced with crispy mushroom and the French fries are a sort of potato hash.



I used  mix of sweet potato and the ‘normal’ kind to get the flavour of the sweet potato but keep the firmer texture of the other guy. Letting it crisp up as you cook it get’ the crunchy texture you want with the runny broken eggs. I’m a fan of lots of runny yolk and by frying them sunny side up and breaking just before eating you get all of that. You could easily double this and use a large frying pan if you’re feeding more of a crowd. Seasoning is key so make sure you taste and adjust as you cook.




I ate broken eggs on my last night in Madrid, which was also the last night of my holiday. We went to Juana La Loca in La Latina and the food and service were perfect: duck crepes and and foie gras on walnut bread rounded things out. I loved Madrid and ate lots of delicious food including starting the majority of my mornings there with a croissant… alternating with fresh fruit from one of the many food markets on other mornings because balance is important right? I think I’ll right a separate post on Madrid including my favourite museums and markets and different little areas I loved. For now, here’s a recipe…

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Serves 2


1 small sweet potato peeled and coarsely grated

2 desiree potatoes, peeled and coarsely grated

1.5 Tbs olive oil

1 tsp paprika

1 tsp salt

1 clove garlic

1 cup mushroom, finely sliced

2 eggs

1-2 Tbs each of parsley, spring onion and radish for garnish


heat 1 Tbs of oil in a mention heavy based fry pan. Add the grated potato, 1/2 the salt and the paprika. Stir to combine and then spread out in a single layer in the pain. Leave for a few minutes on medium heat. Stir making sure to scrape off any crisp bits. Spread out again and repeat until potato is tender (10 minutes)


in in a small pan add the ramaini g oil, the garlic and the mushrooms. Cook on medium heat. Stirring often until the mushrooms are crisp and golden. Set aside.

once the potato is cooked, remove and place on a plate to serve. Keep warm. Crack your eggs into your still hot pan and fry for a few minutes until white is almost set. Turn off the heat and place a lid on, leave for a minute and you should have a perfectly fried sun side up.

To serve, place the eggs on the potato, sprinkle over the crispy mushrooms and the garnish. Season with salt and pepper and a pinch of extra paprika. Break the eggs with a nice before tucking in.


HH. x


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