It’s that time of the week again! Time to get life sorted for the week ahead… or just thinking about it while you laze around enjoying your Sunday. I’m planning on spending some time recipe testing so I can get new content up asap… but that is my version of relaxing some times. I need to start yoga.

This week there’s lots of delicious and achievable weekday meals to keep your healthy eating on track into winter. It’s a time of the year where I tend to over indulge a little so I’m going to try to keep that in check this winter by focusing on eating lots of vegetables each day. Hopefully this can also help me keep my body healthy too because I would love to not get sick this winter. Probably shouldn’t have written that. Really tempting fate here.

Okay so I have a confession. It’s another week with no shopping lists. But they will be back next week, I just totally ran out of time again! On the plus side I have some seriously delicious recipes coming at you this week so hopefully you can forgive me.

On another plus note for the vegans out there, Plan B has four vegan recipes in it and one pasta dish that you can easily adjust to make vegan too. For the dairy free and gluten free people out there both plan have you covered with at least 4 options too! Plan A is gluten free entirely this week, just serve the tagine with quinoa or rice instead of couscous.  Remember that these are ideas use the ingredients you have available to you and change things up as you need to make the recipes your own. If you make something please let me know what you think or post on social media and tag me (@thehealthyhunter)  so I can see!


Day 1: Mushroom Soup – starting the week off with my current obsession, this vegan creamy delicious and a filling soup.

Day 2:  Thai Red Curry Beef Stir Fry – one of the easiest ways to get flavour quickly is using a curry paste in your stir fry!

Day 3: Autumn Chicken Tagine with Apricots and Almonds – you can marinate this the day before if you’ve got time but it’s still really delicious even if you don’t!

Day 4: Miso and Ginger Tofu Curry – I’ve been craving this one since I got home and really want to have it this week! 

Day 5: Steamed Salmon or Ocean trout with sesame and ginger dressing –  A quick and easy way to cook fish that’s super delicious.


Day 1: Red lentil pasta with pumpkin, sundried tomatoes and basil. I love red lentil pasta and it’s perfect with these flavours, plus most super markets stock a variety of it now. Great way to add a little extra protein to a vegetarian pasta dish!

Day 2: Katsu Curry Eggplant – what could be more delicious than slices of panko crumbed eggplant in a home made curry sauce?!

Day 3: Mushroom Soup – This vegan soup is full of flavour and so quick to make it’s perfect for a week night dinner. 

Day 4: Teriyaki Cauliflower Bowl – my favourite miracle vegetable cooked in delicious teriyaki sauce.

Day 5: A quick and easy Spicy Ramen to end the week!


There’s loads of persimmons around at the moment so why not try a Persimmon Galette this week. This wholesome pastry is so simple to make too. I’m having a pie moment in general this weekend and testing retesting two recipes that I will hopefully get to you soon… and some lucky friends and family are helping out with taste testing duty.

Have a lovely week people!

HH. x

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