This week I have some ridiculously yummy things in store for you. From pasta bake, to noodles, to grilled chicken salads there’s even a burger. It’s meal planning Sunday time and I’ve tried to take the difficult part out of it for you.

Well I guess that depends on what you consider the difficult part… The part I’m trying to take care of is the decision making and organising. If you’re anything like me then your Sunday brain likes to take some time out and go slow. With someone else doing the planning and shopping list creation for you your Sunday brain isn’t going to be taxed at all. And neither is mine because I obviously didn’t do all this for you this morning ūüėČ

I’m in Morocco this week so there’s actually no meal planning and grocery shopping happening for me… lucky for you I prepped this list ahead of time so you can relax while I relax! The shopping lists are at the end of each list and as per usual we have Plan A for those of you who eat meat (this one still has a couple of vegetarian options too because yay for more vegetables) and Plan B for the vegetarians, and weekday vegetarians out there.

Happy shopping, cooking and eating! I’ll be over here just doing the later!


Plan A

Day 1: Baked Sweet Potatoes The addition of black beans makes these potatoes super filling

Day 2: Grilled Chicken Breast with Pearl Couscous, Feta and Chilli¬†the flavours of this salad are amazing, plus it’s an easy week night meal.

Day 3: Garlic Prawns with Cheesy Cauliflower Mash¬†this cauliflower puree features in the vegetarian meal plans too… it’s super versatile and so good it’s addictive.

Day 4: Creamy Mushroom Pasta simply, easy and creamy without the dairy.

Day 5: Lamb Burgers Stuffed with Gorgonzola¬†This is my current burger obsession, when you bite into it a little gorgonzola cheese oozes from the centre – holy crap. It’s pretty much the weekend, you deserve this.

Plan A Shopping List Week 15

Plan B

Day 1: Cauliflower Mac’n’Cheese¬†I actually like this better than the original. It’s creamy but not sickening. Basically my ideal comfort food.

Day 2: Baked Sweet Potatoes The addition of black beans makes these potatoes super filling

Day 3: Dahl Makhani The black lentils in this curry are so different to the usual split ones, they hold their shape and are a little bit nutty Рso yum.

Day 4: Satay Tofu with Cucumber and Mint Salad¬†it’s still one of my favourites

Day 5: Tortilla Soup Рomit the chicken from this soup and you have the perfect trans-seasonal dish! Creamy, cheesy, spicy goodness.

Plan B Shopping List Week 15


This weeks bonus: Waffles! Have a go at making these gluten free coconut and vanilla waffles if you can get your hands on a waffle iron;)

HH. x

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