Meal prep Sunday! There’s actually a roast recipe this week so if you’re thinking of doing a Sunday roast, or if the idea of a week day roast is ridiculous to you, then you could easily make that the recipe for Day 1. It’s a roast chicken though so achievable for a week day… as long as you’re not someone who gets home at 8, in that case roasts are definitely not for you on a week night.

This week there’s also a great meal to make from the roast chicken leftovers, a vegan curry, my go to hangover noodles that I also just eat on the reg even when I’m not hungover. Yep, I get hangovers. I try to eat well but I by no means lead the perfect ‘clean’ lifestyle. We’re all human! I don’t usually drink more than 3 times a week but at the moment all these rules are out the window because Holiday life is happening.

Can holiday life happen forever? If you want to see where in the world I am at the moment then check out my Instagram:)

The shopping lists for Plan A (omnivore) and Plan B (vegetarian) are after each plan. Enjoy!



Day 1: Miso and Ginger Tofu Curry this curry is ridiculously yum! Pan frying the tofu before adding to the curry gives it great texture.

Day 2: Maple Glazed Roast Chicken with Broccoli  one of my favourite recipes! If you have time, brine it the day before you’re eating it. This takes mere minutes and pretty much guarantees it won’t get dry. The maple glaze is a little naught but so worth it, and it coats the broccoli too! Serve with some sticky sweet potato.

Day 3: Chicken and Cabbage Fried Rice such a good way of using the leftover chicken from your roast. I like to keep the flavours simple and serve with lots of condiments.

Day 4: Quick and Easy ‘Hangover’ Noodles Still acceptable even if you’re not hung. And just so quick and easy it’s a go to for me.

Day 5: Sous Vide Salmon – Don’t worry there’s non sous vide instructions too! A lovely light dinner of slaw and salmon, the fat in the salmon helps you feel full.

Plan A Shopping List Week 14



 Day 1: Creamy Vegan Mushroom Pasta Just look how creamy it looks! And there’s no cream – miracles can happen…

Day 2: Tofu Schnitzel Noodle Bowls schnitzel is always a yes and this bowl would convert even a tofu hater.

Day 3: Quick and Easy ‘Hangover’ Noodles  Still acceptable even if you’re not hung. Especially on hump day

Day 4: Cauliflower and Chickpea Turmeric Curry One of the easiest curries on the blog, and so tasty.

Day 5: Veggie Burgers is there anything better than ending your week on a burger?!

Plan B Shopping List Week 14

Bonus time: I’m really feeling these bliss balls at the moment! Lemon and coconut has to be one of the best flavour combinations ever!

HH. x

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