It’s that meal planning time of the week again! I’m not big on the whole spending my Sunday’s prepping food thing but I do like to take 15 minutes to sort out what I’m eating for the week ahead. I sometimes don’t actually get past the planning stage, actually the shopping part usually happens on Monday after work. That said, if I spend a few minutes planning, writing a shopping list and making some delicious choices on Sunday then it makes my Monday go far easier.

The other positive of this situation is that I’m far less likely to buy things I don’t need at the supermarket. So I have less food waste and eat less chocolate. Not no chocolate… never no chocolate.

This week we’ve got pasta, one of my favourite soups, noodles, salad, crispy skinned fish and chicken kiev. Because I like vintage things, that’s a good enough reason for making chicken kiev right?

The shopping lists are at the bottom of each plan, Plan A is the eat it all plan and Plan B is for the vegetarian week. I’m sticking with the two vegetarian meals a week thing for the meat eaters because it’s good for you and the planet to give meat a break every now and then.

The above photo is courtesy of Elyse May Hamilton

Plan A

Day 1: Pasta with Crushed Pea and Basil Pesto This pesto is loaded with some extra veg, is full o flavour and super easy to make. Chuck a poached egg on there for extra protein and creaminess. I often use lentil pasta in vegetarian dishes to further increase my protein intake.

Day 2: Red Thai Curry Pumpkin Soup This soup is the definition of warming. The curry paste is an easy way to add flavour and there’s some legume goodness in there to make it extra filling.

Day 3: Pesto Chicken Salad So deliciously easy. You can mix any leftover pea pesto into this dish as well.

Day 4: Crispy Skin Ocean Trout bowls (or Salmon) This is just a bowl of yum. Crispy skinned fish, quinoa, fresh salad, roasted kale and that yummy herb sauce.

Day 5: Chicken Kiev with home made wedges and pea puree This lighter homemade version of chicken kiev is all my childhood dreams coming right back at me. It was my favourite dinner as a kid for sure!

Plan A Shopping List Week 13

Plan B

Day 1:  Red Thai Curry Pumpkin Soup you can take the leftovers of this flavoursome soup to work for lunch!

Day 2: Lime, Ginger and Sesame Soba Noodle Salad an easy and tasty salad that you can whip up in no time at all.

Day 3: Crunchy Salty Sweet Addictively Good Pumpkin and Kale Salad It’s been way too long since the last time I made this salad. Som much flavour in one bowl.

Day 4: Miso and Ginger Tofu Curry the tofu soaks up the flavours from the curry sauce and is super tast. A great gut nourishing meal too thanks to the ginger and turmeric.

Day 5: Spaghetti with Romesco Sauce It’s the end of the week Have a simple spaghetti with loads of torn fresh mozzarella. Buffalo mozzarella is lactose friendly too!

Plan B Shopping List Week 13

This weeks bonus: These spice crusted kale chips are so good, and so easy!

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