Happy Sunday! I’m currently in transit but I’ve been super organised and prepared this delicious collection for you… along with shopping lists so you can be almost as relaxed as I am right now haha. I’m so excited to be going on an overseas trip, it’s been almost a year since the last one! That’s an exaggeration but more than 6 months…

This week there’s a delicious collection of  things from home made dumplings (actually not that hard!) to salads, to curries to schnitzel. Yep I just felt like it was time to bring the schnitzel back again. For the vegetarians, fritters are making a reappearance this week. Remember when it comes to fritters you can bulk out the recipe by adding other leftover vegetables or cheeses etc to them.

By the time you make any of these recipes I should have touched down in London and be starting the first little bit of my adventure. Basically can’t contain my excitement right now, which is why I can write more than a paragraph about food because I’m just thinking, TRAVEL TRAVEL TRAVEL! If you haven’t already please send me some tips for London and Copenhagen, I want to eat all the delicious things. By the end of this week I’m heading to Spain, unlike the other two stops I’ve never been there before so I’m also super excited about that. How many times can I say ‘excited’ in one paragraph?! Hopefully I’ve calmed down by the time by flight leaves and actually sleep… I got a cracker of a deal on Etihad so check out their sale fares if you’re thinking of getting away too.

Have a beautiful Sunday!


Day 1: Haloumi Salad Golden. Crispy. Haloumi. That’s all you really need to know but there’s also loads of grilled vegetables and fresh basil. It’s a good one!

Day 2: Bolognese with Zucchini Pappardelle this recipe is fructose friendly, still layers loads flavour and is pretty simple (after years of pairing back ingredients to simplify it for myself)

Day 3: Chicken Schnitzel and Slaw: This is easy, delicious, and will mean that you’re not just buying a cabbage to use in the dumplings that I really want you to try to make this week! Waste less, people yayyy!

Day 4: Spiced Lentil Dahl: I can’t get enough of this dahl (daal?), it’s so simple and delicious. I found some leftovers in my freezer last week and did a little happy dance.

Day 5: Chicken, Prawn and Cabbage Dumplings in Chilli Broth Dumplings are the bomb and they’re not that hard to make! If it’s your first time, get yourself a helper for the folding part and then it goes way quicker.

Plan A Shopping List Week 11


Plan B

Day 1: Roasted Cauliflower and Quinoa Salad with Tahini Dressing, tahini and cauliflower were made for each other.

Day 2: Zucchini, Chilli and Garlic Linguini, so easy to make it’s making a reappearance

Day 3: Haloumi Salad: as long as there’s crispy golden haloumi topping something I’m all in.

Day 4: Root Vegetable Fritters yep. I’m still on that fritter train.

Day 5: Spiced Lentil and Carrot Soup no matter what hemisphere you’re in there’s sure to be at least one day that strikes you as soup weather and this is an easy and hearty one to make.

Plan B Shopping List Week 11


Bonus: Very Green Matcha Smoothie Bowl because everyone deserves a glowy bowl in the mornings and you should have leftover kale if you’re doing Plan A this week!

The Etihad link is an affiliate link, if you click on the link and then purchase I do get a commission. I am really flying with them though!

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