Yay to new meal plans! I have such a delicious bunch of recipes planned for this week. The Tortilla soup above might be one of my favourites. It’s so good. Like really ridic. Probs because of the cheese? Most things are because of the cheese… Like, why am I so full before dinner? The cheese, definitely the cheese.

Well I got side tracked quickly! Probably because I feel like my brain is all over the shop at the moment holiday organising, blogging, recipe development and full time teaching have been an interesting mix to say the least. I usually just teach a couple of days a week which is great and it’s been more than a year since I did it full time. I forgot how wrapped up in everything you can get so quickly. I’m also trying to set up a few recipes to post while I’m away as I have so many to share! I’ll still be checking in on here occasionally but want to have some stuff automated so I can do that whole adventure/relax thing you’re supposed to do on holiday. I can’t wait to jump on a plane and have that feeling where you immediately switch off because there is nothing you HAVE to do while you’re up there.

Speaking of planes, I also have to plan my onboard snacks (yeah I’m that person). Because sometimes I can’t eat the food I’m given (thanks fructose… it’s really not worth risking being super uncomfortable when your in a metal can flying through the sky) I usually at least pack some snacks. Bliss balls always happen. A mix of nuts and dark chocolate usually too. Then some carrot sticks and berries. These are all things that can be snacks or added to my breakfast (well maybe not that chocolate) if I can’t eat what’s on offer. I get so grumpy if I can’t eat and I don’t want to land and start my holiday hangry. No thank you.

Back to this week though. The plans are below and I’ve tried to consider your shopping list and use similar ingredients across recipes. In fact one of the recipes is based on leftovers from the recipe before it. Sneaky, sneaky. If you have any questions shoot them through. Shopping lists are at the end of each plan.

If the idea of shopping is what throws you off cooking then try Marley Spoon or a similar service, they do the planning and shopping for you so you just get to do the cooking. Or get me to do this part for you too haha.

Pro tip: a well stocked pantry makes the whole weekly shop and cooking thing so much easier. if you’ve been following along for 10 weeks now your pantry should be pretty well stocked and things should be getting cheaper for you too.

Have a lovely week.


Plan A

Day 1: Coconut and Ginger Eggplant Curry this is always one of my favourites I love the flavours and the texture of the eggplant in this.

Day 2: Lemon, Parsley and Cumin BBQ Chicken with Kale, Lentil and Pomegranate Salad The salad will keep you going for lunches, just add a soft boiled egg! Then keep the leftover chicken for tomorrow nights dinner. In the shopping list I have the chicken as serving 2 for that reason as you want leftover chicken for tomorrow night.

Day 3: Roasted Tomato and Red Pepper Tortilla Soup with Shredded Chicken and grilled corn. You can make the base of the soup over the weekend if you have time as it will keep for a few days in the fridge. Then it becomes an easy weeknight dinner as you’re just using the leftover roast chicken from last night in the soup.

Day 4: Korean Tofu Bowls it’s time to try your hand at some more meat free goodness!

Day 5: Prawn Pasta  It’s the end of the week, treat yourself. (serve with a salad made from any leftover vegetables: kale, peas, carrot, radish all tossed together with a olive oil and lemon dressing)


Plan A Shopping List Week 10


Plan B

Day 1: Avocado and Cucumber Sushi Bowl – Sushi bowl but vegan! Simple and delicious with some edamame thrown in to up the protein. You could also serve this with the sesame tofu strips from this recipe.

Day 2: Za’atar Roasted Cauliflower with yoghurt sauce and rice This roasted cauliflower with spiced rice is one of my favourites. The rice and yoghurt make it filling.

Day 3: Quick and Spicy Ramen I love ramen and I’m always looking for ways to make this a healthy and easy lunch – this one’s so simple you can assemble at work.

Day 4: Asparagus, broad bean and mint couscous salad A fresh and tasty salad for dinner tonight. How good are giant orbs of couscous?!

Day 5: Korean BBQ Tofu Bowl A flavour bomb to end the week.


Plan B Shopping List Week 10


This weeks Bonus: Sunday baking: Blueberry breakfast muffins while blueberries are still an acceptable price!


Oh and I forgot to show you that kale, lentil and pomegranate salad!

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