How was everyone’s February? Yep, that’s right it’s almost the end of another month! 8 meal plans so far this year and I’m not running out of ideas yet! We’ve got crunchy golden eggplant, delicately poached chicken and a vibrantly green noodle bowl or two.

I’ve done something a little sneaky this week… The non vegetarian menu has 2 vegetarian dishes on it. This is a closer reflection of how I would normally eat. Although I usually have about 3 meat free days each week. Do you think you can handle 2? With the two I’ve chosen I don’t think you’ll even notice! And your shopping bill is going to me cheaper – yay more money for adventures.

More money for adventures should probably be my mantra at the moment. I’m deep in last minute (is there another way of doing it?) saving mode for my trip to Europe/Africa. I’m lucky that I got an excellent deal with Etihad, so I have more money leftover to travel with. I’m heading to London – Copenhagen – Spain and Morocco in less than a month, if you have any foodie or travel tips for those destinations please send them my way!

The vegetarian menu is a great one this week, I realised I haven’t included fritters for dinner in my life for a while so that’s on the cards this week. This used to be a bi weekly occurrence for me, so quick and easy to make. There’s also noodles and hummus in the mix, but not together that’d be weird.

You can find the shopping lists at the end of each plan – enjoy!

Oh and remember – feedback and ‘constructive criticism’ is oh so welcome this whole thing is a work in progress – if you want to see something different tell me!


Plan A

DAY 1: Vegan Eggplant Katsu Curry, this might just be my favourite way to eat eggplant. Crispy on the outside, tender and almost creamy on the inside.

DAY 2: One Pan Chicken Thighs with Tomato, Chickpeas and Basil. Easy, flavoursome and dotted with melty mozzarella – give me all the cheese.

DAY 3: Steamed Ocean Trout With Sesame and Ginger. This is one of my favourite seafood dishes, it’s just as good with salmon or any firm fleshed white fish. Super easy and quick too.

DAY 4: Poached Chicken in a Spicy Coconut Broth with Sweet Potato Noodles. Something nice and light to get you feeling all saintly and ready for the weekend.


DAY 5: Basil, Charred Sweet Corn and Buffalo Mozzarella Pasta. Mostly because I can’t handle a pasta free week, and because it uses similar ingredients to the Day 2 recipe but with a totally different flavour profile in the finished dish – win!

Plan A Shopping List Week 8

Plan B

DAY 1: Sticky Mushrooms with Green Beans and Hummus, this served with some pita is such a simple and delicious meal.It’s like pimped up hummus made into a whole meal- yum!

DAY 2: Rainbow Noodle Salad with Coriander and Peanut Pesto: Such a yummy salad and the peanut and coriander pesto adds so much flavour!

DAY 3: Corn Fritters: Fritters are such a great, easy weeknight meal. Corn fritters are probably my favourite. Add a poached egg on top if you want to get all ‘brinner’ like about it.

DAY 4:  Green Goddess Noodle Bowl Soba noodles with all the flavoursome green sides. There’s a couple of different processes in this one but they’re all easy things like blanching veggies, boiling noodles and slicing. I feel like you can handle it, and look – so pretty!

DAY 5: Vegan Eggplant Katsu Curry it’s the end of the week so it’s probably time you eating some golden fried eggplant. The curry sauce is full of flavour too, but you can always buy it instead of making it! Serve any leftover bean shoots from last night with this!

Plan B Shopping List Week 8

Bonus Recipe:

How about a Sunday baking session? Vegan Choc-Peanut Brownie is basically yelling your name. Can you hear it?

The Etihad link is an affiliate link, if you click on the link and then purchase I do get a commission (that whole more money for adventures thing is seriously my mantra isn’t it?). I am really flying with them though!

HH. x

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