Hello Sunday!!! It’s time to relax, potter, adventure and maybe do a little planning for the week ahead. This week I’ve got two delicious meal plans for you as per usual. One vegetarian, one for the omnivores. There’s a variety of flavour, from the spicy to the mild and from the trashy (buffalo chicken say what?!) to the slightly unusual (can I call it a meatball when there’s no meat in it???). I hope you love the plans!

The omnivore option includes at leas one vegetarian suggestion every week. I’m probably going to increase that to two occasionally because it’s great to swap meat for veg a couple of times a week. Hopefully you all don’t mind! I’ll make sure there’s protein involved somehow. You may have also noticed there’s usually one seafood option included too.

For a handy shopping guide please see the lists at the end of each plan. Let me know if you see any errors in them. I’m currently trialling a few different methods of creating them and still ironing out kinks but they’ve usually already been edited 5 times before you see them. Remember you can mix and match by using the Letter key next to ingredients, and cut out ingredients you won’t need because your skipping that ingredient.

A word on wasting less, in designing these meal plans I’m trying to choose recipes that won’t leave you shopping for a billion different ingredients but this will depend on how well stocked your pantry is. When I shop, other than some fruit and or sourdough for breakfast and snacks I don’t buy other food on top of what I’m buying for dinners. My lunches usually come from leftovers from my dinners. I either have the exact same thing or when it’s a meat dish the same, minus the meat. Or an amalgamation of different leftovers in a glow bowl sort of scenario.

This weeks bonus: Sunday Baking Project – Make your own healthier, gluten free Choc Mint Slice Cookie! (Ingredients are not included in shopping lists)

Meal Plan A

Day 1: Zucchini Linguini: It’s probably Monday, let’s keep things nice and simple. This is ready in no time at all. Serve it with a green salad simply dressed with balsamic and olive oil if you like. 

Day 2: Buffalo Chicken Salad: This is pretty spicy but you can always serve the buffalo sauce on the side if you’re worried about too  much heat. Plus the chicken is baked rather than fried and that ranch slaw underneath is a mayo free zone. Have the leftovers in a wrap for lunch.

Day 3: Steak Burrito Bowls: If you have leftover slaw or cabbage from the night before throw it in these bowls too, your body will love the extra veg.

Day 4: Miso and Sesame Chicken Skewers with Cucumber and Mint Salad: Serve this simple skewer and salad combo with some brown rice and broccoli on the side.

Day 5: Bowl of Health: End your week on a high note with this bowl of goodness.

Plan A Shopping List Week 7

Meal Plan B

Day 1: Miso Eggplant in Lettuce Cups. A delicious light start to the week. Serve with some brown rice to make it more filling.

Day 2: Zucchini and Lentil Salad with Spinach, Yoghurt and Almond Sauce: Serve this with a soft boiled egg or two each!

Day 3: Kung Pao Mushroom Noodles: a little bit of chilli never hurt anyone right?

Day 4: Veggie Burgers: These are super yummy and filled with goodness.

Day 5: Lentil ‘Meat’balls with Coconut Curry Noodles: Okay, these sound weird but they are so tasty!! they soak up all the flavour from that curry sauce and have a certain ‘meatiness’ about them.

Plan B Shopping List Week 7

That’s it for the week! I’m considering cutting down to 4 meals a week after some feedback that I’m the only one cooking at home 5 nights a week! If you disagree with this and want me to keep up the 5 options a week let me know! I’ll have a think about it for the next couple of week:)

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