How on earth is it the end of January already?! I feel like the year is already flying past and it’s just the first month. In no time at all it’ll be March and I’ll be in Europe!

Yep, that’s right I’ve got travel plans already this year and I’m oh so excited. I’ll be flying Etihad and heading to the UK first to visit a friend in Yorkshire, then to London, then off to Copenhagen. And that’s just the first week! After that my plan is to spend a couple of weeks exploring Spain and then just under two weeks in Morocco! I can’t wait to get inspired and have an adventure. If you’ve got any tips for any of these places for me then please email me or leave a comment!

But it’s not March yet and right now I have a meal plan to write for you all. As per usual there’s 2, one vego one not! Along with a shopping list for each because I like you all. I’ve also added a snack suggestion but the ingredients for that aren’t in the shopping list because it’s an optional extra you know?

If this is still too hard for you then you should prpabbly check out a food delivery service like Aussie Farmers Direct or Marley Spoon. Both of these would be cheaper than eating out every night and it means that not onl is someone else like me planning your meals but they’re shopping and in the case of Marley Spoon, portioning, your ingredients for you. There’s no excuse not to cook for yourself these days and it’s such a great way to start being more thoughtful about what you put into your body.

Speaking of what you put into your body, I had a listen to the BBC Food podcast 2 part series on the gut health and it was so fascinating It also reaffirmed my belief in eating a varied diet and staying away from processed food as often as possible (I’m not perfect by any means!). I really want to learn more about promoting gut health this year. Anyway the meal plans, full of varied and less processed ingredients…


Day 1: Mexican Rainbow Salad – this salad is seriously filling thanks to those beans, you could throw in a boiled egg if you think you’ll be hungry or thwart my plans for you to eat more plants and add some grilled chicken.

Day 2: One Pan Roasted Chicken with Farro, Lentils and Apricot – You can use the leftover red cabbage that you probably have from last night to make this easy one pan dish!

Day 3: Matcha Rice bowl with Steamed Salmon – easy, fresh and delicious you’ll love this one and the matcha part is totally optional.

Day 4: Crispy Chicken Salad  another week another chicken salad. And it’s using the chickpea flour I suggested you buy last week… because I promised I’d help you use that whole bag. Also the parmesan dressing on this salad is the bomb. Just saying.

Day 5: Asian Meatballs. When pasta gets a weird fusion twist and it actually works. Because noodles are noodles.

Plan A Shopping List Week 4



Day 1: Easy Sweet Potato Buddha Bowls. It’s Monday so let’s keep things nice and simple.

Day 2: Chickpea and barley salad with the best parmesan dressing on it ever, if you think this won’t be filling enough for you have it with a soft boiled egg too, super yum!

Day 3: Fettuccine with brussel sprouts and hazelnuts in a creamy sauce. Such a a yummy pasta!

Day 4: Sweet Potato and Peanut Curry. It’s my favourite, so easy makes loads and freezes well. You’re basically earning time back making this one. Future you will love you for it.

Day 5: Easy Ramen, because at this point it’s probably the weekend and the weekend is ramen time. Also, you should have Miso left over from last weeks shop so yay shopping win!

Plan B Shopping List Week 4

This weeks bonus: Cookie Dough Bliss Balls. You know you want to!

HH. x

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