New year new you right? This year I’m changing it up a little and starting some weekly meal plans for you all. Each week there will be Meal Plan A (Vegetarian) and Meal Plan B (Meat Eater). They will include 5 nights of meal suggestions, photos to get you salivating and links to all the recipes. I’ll also chuck in a breakfast, lunch or snack recipe every now and then because I need variety in my life and I’m sure someone else out there does too!

Just a note the Plan B will always include at least one vegetarian meal because eating more plants is good for you! If you like what you see and want more detailed plans (breakfast, lunch and dinner plus shopping lists) those will be coming soon too! If you have special dietary needs just leave a comment and I’ll suggest some easy swaps you could do in the provided recipes or a tasty alternative.

Remember, if the recipes serve more than you need, just half it or have leftovers for lunch. Waste not want not! I am big on only planning my dinners and breakfasts (smoothies, chia pudding, things on toast) and then letting lunch and snacks be what’s left.


Day 1: I’m thinking these Crispy Satay Tofu Bowls will hit the spot for me this week.


Day 2: Something easy and uncomplicated tonight: Easy Lentil Salad can be thrown together with minimal fuss.


Day 3: Pasta night is my favourite night. This week this Zucchini, Broad Bean and Chilli Pasta is calling my name. You can sub the broad beans for peas if they’re easier for you to find.


Day 4: Burrito Bowl with Haloumi is a tasty favourite.


Day 5: A Vegetarian Pad Thai for that take out at home vibe. Maybe with some garlicky greens on the side because I like to eat green things on Friday.



Day 1: It’s meat free Monday so we’re going to start this week off on a vego note. Hello Vegetarian Tikka Masala – filling and delicious you won’t miss the meat!

Day 2: It’s time for a salad tonight and this Loaded Chicken Salad is one of my favourites.

Day 3: Pasta night for everyone this week. Salmon, Fennel and Pea Orecchiette with some steamed broccoli or broccolini on the side.

Day 4: Lamb meatballs is on the menu tonight. This Zucchini Salad will be on the side, probably without the chickpea croutons and with some flat bread to scoop it all up with.









Day 5: Yakitori Chicken Bowls tonight, because it’s the end of the week and you want to eat food that looks like a party.


BONUS: Got a sweet tooth you reignited over the holiday break that won’t leave you alone? These lemon and coconut bliss balls should keep it quiet this week.

Have an amazing week and if you try these meal plans let me know what you think!!! Feedback is my favourite – I’m a nerd.

HH. x

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