Today’s post is all about quick, healthy meals that you can cook when you just want to get to the part of the night where you relax. Or the part where you get to eat already (hi all you hangry people, I feel you).

I love to cook (obviously!) and am happy to spend hours in the kitchen creating something, but not every night! I know that lots of you just want yummy healthy food that you can cook without making it the only thing you get to do after work. This list is here to help you. Everything is easy, quick and nutritious. Some recipes are gluten free, some are vegetarian and one is vegan!

I might like to make my food look all pretty for this blog and Instagram but I don’t do that every night, sometimes it’s just about chucking things in a bowl and digging in. All these meals are pretty easy to cook, have limited prep time and I’ve included tips to make them even faster throughout the post.

  1. Steamed Ocean Trout: This recipe is so quick, the thing that will take the longest is boiling the rice… you could get a pre-cooked pack of rice and make this a 15 minute dish! GF
  2. Roast Chicken Noodles: You can buy a rotisserie chicken for these, get your veggies and noodles prepped before you start and from that point dinner will ready in minutes. 
  3. Creamy Pumpkin Pasta: If you chop the pumpkin up into 3cm pieces it will steam in 10 minutes, about the amount of time it will take you to cook the pasta. Vcreamy pumpkin and parmesan and crispy sage pasta 3
  4. Okonomiyaki: make this one super quick by using a food processor to shred the vegetables. It’s a vegetarian recipe but there’s notes about adding meat in there too! V
  5. Black Rice Coconut and Avocado Salad: can add prawns or roast or grilled chicken, prawns cook super quickly, you can also easily grill a chicken breast, slice it and toss it in some of the dressing before adding to the salad. Both proteins can be cooked in the time it takes to cook the rice for the salad. GF, V, Vegan (original recipe)Black Rice, Coconut and avocado salad 4
  6. Corn Fritters: add some avocado, green salad and a poached egg for a complete meal. VIMG_5053
  7. Vegetarian Burrito bowl: Use pre cooked black beans to make this one super quick. VVegetarian burrito bowl 5


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