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Your work lunch shouldn’t just be about a green salad and a can of tuna. Or a ham sandwich. Or two minute noodles. I mean, all these options have their benefits (maybe not the last one!) but they’re a bit boring and you deserve better. So much better.

You deserve to be the one with the lunch that everyone else is sneaking jealous glances at. And you deserve to do that without wasting half your lunch time in line at a cafe.

This whole list consists of lunches you can make at work or prep at the start of the week or day before. Prep time required is listed next to the delicious option. When looking at the prep time remember all recipes can be multiplied without extending the time so much so if you want to save time BATCH COOK. But if no prep is more your thing check out Healthy Lunches, Zero Prep.

I’ve written about my dislike, environmentally, of the whole $1 cans of canned tuna thing before. We all pick our hang ups and that’s probably mine. I really hate that that’s how we use something that’s so high up on the ocean food chain. Because of this hang up I’m always looking for exciting lunch ideas that my friends can use to give up their canned tuna habit, that are way more delicious and super healthy. These lunches are filled with vegetables too so you’ll get in a few serves of those at lunch time.

Some of the lunches in this lists are salads, some are not, none contain canned tuna, and there’s not a two minute noodle insight – well not the overly-processed-not-that-filling kind anyway. Let’s start making those work mates jealous:

  1. Burrito Bowl (4 serves, 45 mins prep)Vegetarian burrito bowl 3
  2. Vegetarian Bahn Mi Bowl (4 serves, 35 mins prep)veg banh mi bowl
  3. Soup! Carrot and Lentil soup (4 serves, 50 mins prep), Red Curry Pumpkin Soup (4 serves, 90 mins prep), Cauliflower Soup (4 serves, 45 minutes prep)Red Curry Pumpkin Soup
  4. Curry: Dahl Makhani, Sweet Potato Massaman, Vegetarian Tikka Masala (Prep time and serves vary but perfect for batch cooking!)Dahl Makhani 5
  5. Fritters: Root vegetable fritters (4 serves 35 mins prep) Corn Fritters, Zucchini Fritters.
  6. Easy lentil salad (2 serves, 15 mins prep)easy lentil salad
  7. Nourish bowl (4 serves 50 mins prep)Honey and thyme roasted carrot nourish bowl 3
  8. Pumpkin and feta bruschetta (1 serve, 40 mins prep)PUMPKIN AND FETA BRUSCHETTA 3
  9. Mexican Rainbow Salad (2 serves 30 mins prep)Mexican Rainbow Salad 3
  10. Jar noodles (2 serves, 10 mins prep)
  11. Black Rice, Coconut and Avocado salad (6 serves, 45 mins prep)Black Rice, Coconut and avocado salad 4
  12. Rice Paper rolls: Prawn Rice Paper Rolls with Green Papaya (8 rolls, 30 mins prep)
  13. Noodle Bowls: Roast Chicken Noodles (2 serves, 20 mins prep), Bowl of Health (1 serve, 20 mins prep), Roasted Cauliflower Noodles, Rainbow Noodle Salad (4 serves, 30 mins prep) Satay Noodles (4 serves, 30 mins prep)

Want more super easy ideas? Check out 3 Healthy Lunch Hacks You should have on Rotation.

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