Baked wontons with guac So many things happening this week. So many things I want to cook too. Lucky I’ve barely done anything else!

1. This Apple Crumble Chia Pudding kind of makes me sad because I miss apple crumble so much (stupid fructose) and this just looks AMAZING! Roberta is basically a genius. Someone else eat it for me please.

2. This crab and avocado timbale thing makes me long for beaches and summer. It’s not even that cold in Melbourne yet. I’m such a baby. But seriously what’s with 24 degrees in May, is that normally a thing?

3. These meatballs sound amazing. And I love both the idea of steaming them and drenching in chilli oil. I will be making these soon. Yes, I still eat meat just not often thus the lack of meat centric posts lately. There’s a killer chicken one coming soon though.

4. Is anyone else watching Orphan Black? It’s my current obsession. Along with Game of Thrones but almost everyone is watching that so I don’t really need to ask. If you haven’t got into Orphan Black give it a shot. It’s engrossing.

5. My favourite podcast I listened to this week was about the Giftshrank and by 99% Invisible. If you’ve never heard of a giftshrank before give it a listen as it’s fascinating how what has been considered ‘forbidden’ can change through time, as is the mere concept of these rooms both literal and otherwise. Did that make you curious? If so, it’s a short one so the commitment is low on this podcast.

6. Also obsessed about finding new ways to use left over wonton skins, as I hate freezing them as I never remember to take them out in time to defrost them before using so I try to seed up the process and they turn to mush. This tells you a lot about me. Anyway, frying strips in a pan makes an excellent nut garnish substitute for any dish that needs crunch, or you can be healthier and bake the strips in the oven. or just bake them whole like in the first picture and top with guac and other things you have left over in your fridge at the end of the week (see picture). In my case that was green papaya and cucumber salsa and coriander and peanut pesto. Leftover burrito bowl toppings might be a thing today. I’ll keep you posted.

7. Really into sprinkling homemade muesli onto everything this week. Including Chia pudding and smoothie bowls. It adds that crunch and texture that pudding like breakfasts so desperately need. Especially with a smoothie bowl, otherwise you may as well just drink the thing, right?

See you Monday with a brand new recipe for you guys, probably that bibimbap I posted on Instagram last week!

HH. x

Chia pudding with muesli

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