How pretty does this look?! And it tastes so so good. This could be a post run pick me up or breakfast, the smoothie is full of fruit and chia seeds for an amino acid boost. You could also add some protein powder if you’re that way inclined.


Coconut ice used to be one of my favourite things as a kid but these days I find it a little cloyingly sweet, so this smoothie has the pretty colours and coconut flavour without the sugar headache. Beware that it is full of fruit (1.5 bananas is a lot for me!) so for me this would be all my fruit for the day but we’re all different and you go ahead and include as much whole fruit in your diet as you see fit.

The pink part comes from raspberries which are one of my favourite berries of all time. Along with blackberries and strawberries and boysenberries and blueberries. So yeah, I like berries. Mostly because they’re one of a small selection of fruits I can eat quite a few of without getting a sore stomach. Thus our close and inclusive friendship.

I love this raspberry and coconut flavour combination it reminds me of fancy chocolate truffles and desserts, with that in mind this would be super tasty as a nice cream style or parfait dessert if you added less liquid.


I’ve made this smoothie super thick so that the colours stay separate and so that it would pile up all pretty like in a photo. As long as the bottom layer is quite thick the layering should work. Don’t worry about drinkability. As you’re using frozen fruit to achieve the thickness it will become less thick as you wrap your warm hands around it and drink it.

Make sure you check your coconut for preservatives and added sweetener, you’ll be surprised how many brands add that stuff!


1.5 frozen bananas

1/3 cup coconut milk

1 Tbs chia seeds

1/2 tsp vanilla extract

1/4 cup desiccated coconut

1/2 cup raspberries

Water, to thin.


Place all ingredients in your blender, excluding the raspberries. Blend until very smooth and creamy add a little water if you need to to help it blend. You want it a little thinner than soft serve consistency. Pour half of this mixture into your glass.

Add the raspberries to the remaining smoothie mix and process again until well combined. Add water to thin if needed.

Pour over the back of a spoon into your smoothie glass.

HH. x


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